Displaying genealogy / family tree

I’m curious if anyone had any experience or ideas in how you might build out and display a family tree on a website. I’m thinking both in function and in aesthetic. At first i was thinking one of the timeline stacks but that’s probably too linear. Or maybe try and do a custom image that has pins dropped on it, with something like Points by Joe Workman)?

I’d be interested in any suggestions.


Hey Jason

Well, as most Themes only support 2-3 and sometimes 4 layers deep of navigation, you’re going to have to do it the old fashioned way with Foundations, BootSnap (BootStrap) or Pure…

There was a lady that posted about nov/dec 2015 that was asking for help with their nav system with an Elixir Theme I think, can’t remember the thread but it was manually managing the UL/LI items to make the nav system go deeper.

You could do it the image way and import that image into an iFrame so that it is zoomable with pin drops, but I think that stack is limited in number of pin drops (NOT 100% on that) allowed.

It really depends on what information you or your client wants displayed on the site… Does Family Tree Maker (or whatever management software you are using) allow exporting to HTML?

Found the Thread here…


Thanks @Turtle. I haven’t thought it out at all, other than being a possible surprise for my folks. I had started one on ancestry.com a while back but I never thought to check for any export options. I’ll have a look.

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I am using the most excellent MacFamilyTree 7, which is the program for creating, managing and publishing of family trees. IMHO, that is the ultimate tool for the job. Mac Family Tree will automatically build an entire web site for you. You can then export it to a folder and easily integrate with your main web site (I use NimbleHost’s Hijax for integration).

After publishing, all the necessary navigation is already built-in. You can find a wealth of information about single persons, entire families, dates, places, statistics, etc. Viewers can download the zipped file containing the entire tree to their computers. If you need to password-protect the tree, you can use any one of several RW stacks for password protection.

Here is a screenshot of the site I created this way:


That’s awesome, @Rovertek! Thanks for the link

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You’re welcome. I hope this will work for you…

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