Old Web Site needs updated


I am about to take over running a web site reference ‘My Family Tree’ .
I have copied the message to me, would anybody be able to help, I do not have a mac, I use Windows 8.

"The website I believe is hosted by Go Daddy.
Right now it’s still in MS Front Page format although I started to transfer it onto Rapid Weaver.

I am more than happy to hand you the reins. It just seems to be how to do it. The original website was written to FrontPage. There’s a ton of info there.

However FrontPage was discontinued. Also it was written to PC at that time and I only use Mac these days. I don’t think there’s a problem to transfer the website but an issue with editing when you open it.
Possibly I can send the work on Dreamweaver. It’s not all of it but some of it."

Is there anyone whom can help me as I really do not want to pay out for programs / websites until I know I am on the right lines.


Hi Karen, have you got a URL for the existing site so we can take a look?



Hi Rob


Many thanks


I’m sure that could be either re-created in Rapidweaver or re-designed from scratch. There’s quite a lot of content there that could be copied and pasted into a new site, though some of the photo pages might take more work to convert them into modern, responsive galleries.

If you’d like to put the person directly in touch with me I’ll be happy to have a chat, assess the size of the job and offer some advice. Alternatively, there are plenty of experienced users on here who may be able to help.