DISQUS links to selfmade 'wrong' url links - SOLVED

I use DISQUS on several pages on my website. At the DISQUS comment area, Disqus ‘kindly’ adds also other saved comments, which is fine and looks very helpful. However, these links redirect to non-existing url’s.

So look at this page for an example:


Than click on one of the other comments in other posts ALSO ON REGADAPERMACULTURE,
for e.g. Harvesting rainwater and you will end up with this error url:

What am I doing wrong or which settings do I have to make within the Disqus admin menu/area?

Is there nobody that has a clue, hint, suggestion? Is it a java script? Or is it that Disqus gets confused as i have several post on seperate pages and so not only on the Post(er) page?

Sorry I am not able to help you with detailed Disqus settings.

I tested together with @Mathew that all Disqus comments are correctly assigned to right post.

What I can see is that some Disqus setting is pointing to https://regadapermaculture.netposts/?post=…, which is different to your domain.

Yes Jannis I know. My domain has no .netposts as an extension. It does have a page .net/posts

It looks like an issue with Disqus. If you click on the actual comment link (i.e.‘1 comment’) it opens fine. If you click on the header (i.e.‘Harvesting rainwater’) then it doesn’t. Is odd though because when you hover over the header link you can see that it is the correct url but when you click it the “/” disappears from between “net” and “posts”. If you manually add that in then the page opens fine

I think I have found the solution within the DisQus admin: Need to migrate old url to the new ones, as I migrated from http:// to https:// lately. Will keep you posted and/or close this topic if I hopefully have solved it.

Solved! I used the URL Mapper from Disqus:

Other than stated in these instructions, I did used it to change the http:// to https://

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