Dive stack question

I recently acquired the Dive stack from @weavium, as I was quite intrigued with the idea of unlimited menus for a project I’m working on.

Apologies for posting here but direct support request to @weavium have gone unanswered.

I bought Dive for the limitless menu capability, but I’d like to be able to place it anywhere I want—instead of just in one of the four corners of the screen.

Is there a way to do this easily?

Specifically, I’d like to be able to place it in the center of a page, then make a Partial of it, and then place that Partial in multiple places within a site, but in locations that I can specify.

Is this possible?

If not, what if Dive were placed inside the Teleporter Stack from @Doobox?

Or the Houdini Stack from @joeworkman

Or with Pluskit from @isaiah?

Thanks for any help.

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I don’t think that Teleport, Houdini or PlusKit will help you hear. My guess is that you will have to hack it with your own custom CSS. That could be a pain since you have to do the launcher and all of the menus. Hopefully @weavium will get back to you.

Hi there,

I’m glad that you’ve posted here. I don’t know how but I overlooked your message in our inbox. As of right now the positioning of the toggle is limited, but it may be possible to add a feature for moving the toggle around.

One question that I have is this, if the toggle is in the center of the page, will the menu still be in the corner? Unfortunately, due to the way that it is programmed, the menu must slide in from the corner. This is because it uses the edge of the screen to hide the limitless lists of menus.

I don’t think you will be able to accomplish this with other stacks unfortunately, as the toggle and menu are together in one stack, and the menu must be placed on the edge.

Please get back to me, maybe will a screenshot or a drawing of what you are imagining. Thank you so much.

If it is not possible to place Dive stack wherever you want (I do not know, because I don’t use that stack), you could accomplish the same task in other ways. For example, I have supplemental local nav bars on my personal website, created with BWD’s ButtonPlus2. That button opens a modal window with all the links. I can style that button (as well as the modal window) to my liking and place it anywhere on a page.

In the screenshot, the black bar underneath top main nav bar is what I’m talking about.

I’m trying to use Dive as more of a jumping-off point, i.e., an actual dive into a huge complexity–as opposed to an actual menu system to navigate a web site.

My project is using the web page to demonstrate one simple answer to tens of thousands of problems, hundreds of thousands, even a million problems.

Right now I have the 100,000s umbrella-ed under 64 categories. I’d like to use the Dive Stack to build out the 64, and each of the 64 menu items would then link to a scientific database that’s continuously documenting and updating the problem count.

My hope is to quickly overwhelm my site visitors with the unending, ever-growing complexity so as to steer them even quicker to the One Simple Answer.

I suppose an analogy would be when you find a loose thread on your sweater, and you quickly yank it to break it off, but all you do is start an unending unraveling, and then all you want to do is stuff the genie back in the bottle.

My initial Dive button would be one small, unobtrusive button. A tab would open four menu items, plus a link back to TheOneAnswer. A tap on each of the four would open 6 more or 8 more or 10 more, and each one of those would open up still more, but within each would be a shortcut link back to TheOneAnswer.

My intent is to use Dive as a graphic tool so that it creates a simplified version of something like this, x1000:

Or maybe x10,000.

If I understand your concept correctly, you can probably still use my initial method. Remember, ButtonPlus2 can be styled in any way you want.

On another note, I think you might get yourself a nightmare of myriads of links that can easily get out of hand. Be careful with that.

It looks like it’s only for Foundation.

I used to use it in a theme from ThemesFlood, so no, you can use it in all themes.

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