Do you know someone who will convert my iWeb to RapidWeaver?

I have an iWeb site from about 10 years ago that I’m just now getting back to. I let the hosting service expire but I have the final project published to a folder. It’s something I would like to upload to a new domain (new hosting service TBD). My domain is registered and parked. If this request makes sense and you might be able to help (or need more info), please get in touch. Thanks in advance.

I had an old iWeb site and started from scratch with RW. Are you asking for someone to pay who can rebuild it for you? As far as I know you will have to start from scratch and cut and paste, like I did.

Not a big deal to save out the iWeb site to a new folder location (you already have).
& presuming its not a massive site, rebuild in RW. Though I know the trepidation.

I had the same dilemma. Good way to understand how RW works & decide which old pages were long in the tooth. Also, iWeb had its limitations.

You obviously had enough interest at one time, to build your own iWeb site. Do you now own a working copy of RW?

In my case, I made a backup iWeb site copy to work from; to scavenge - retaining the original iWeb folder for comparison as I dismantled the copy, in case I screwed up. What I learned, again - in my case, was that the old iWeb page was pretty good, but that I wanted to do it differently this time vs 1:1 replicate my method.

Of course, you need to know where the original image content resides when you made the iWeb site.
(Those “missing file” errors in iWeb when the link/content association is lost).

I still use my old iWeb project (in my case) as a test when I build graphics like cartoons w/ an Alpha channel, to get a sense of how they would look online. Really out of fondness & ease.

Does it entail e-commerce?
Unless the iWeb page is impeccable & massive – I doubt paying someone to do it would be cost effective.