Need advice on moving my website from Weebly to RW

I’m suffering from Weebly’s new Carbon update. To escape their halfass world, I thought of taking control of my site using RW. My site has 475 pages, mostly blog posts. I have an export of the site for easy access to uploaded files and images.
Is there a way to recreate the site in RW without copying and pasting every element of every page?
Here’s the site

Although I don’t know the history of RW, it appears to be iWeb on steroids. I have built hobby sites with iWeb. If I have to manually recreate the site, I estimate that it will take 500 hours. Does this estimate seem realistic?
Thank you for any help you can give.

I can’t think of a way to import your Weebly site into Rapidweaver I’m afraid. I think you’re going to be stuck with copying and pasting. As for how long it will take, you’d know best. It would depend on the complexity of the pages and how quick you over the keyboard!

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