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I utilized iWeb to build my webpage years ago. When Apple dropped iWeb my website basically sat unmaintaned for years. My hosting company started using a free software version but it won’t allow me to access current pages cleanly to update links to new home page.

So… Looking for software program that I can access my current webpages to edit and relaunch the fun of my website again.

Is this posable with RW? Or is this possible at all???

Thanks for any help/guidance


If you can see your website on line, you can ‘grab’ (download) all of the content by using a utility such as SiteSucker that will download everything on the site.

However, whatever web authoring software you use, you will be starting again from scratch as you can’t ‘import’ what you have downloaded from the web or load up your iWeb project, but you can copy/paste some of the content into the new web software. Bear in mind that any images you uploaded all those years ago, will probably look tiny on newer, higher definition screens.

I started using Rapidweaver when Apple dumped iWeb and I’m still using Rapidweaver and I’m very happy with it.

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Hi Mark(@MSmith68) and welcome to the forum,

To my knowledge there isn’t anything that is going to allow you to change your website created with iWeb other than learning HTML and CSS and using a text editor or IDE to change the code directly.

IWeb hasn’t been updated in a decade or so and a lot has changed on the internet since then.

A majority of web traffic is from mobile devices and the old-style iWeb sites weren’t responsive so they don’t work well with modern browsing.

Your best bet would be to start a new project and copy and paste the content from your existing site.

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Thanks @teefers and @Ruyton… This is great info…

One of my ideas was to leave what I have alone as most of the pages/content I can still hyperlink too. Then I can rebuild the home/splash screen with new software and link to old content.

The challenge is editing the old content ‘Home’ links to the new home page. The FTP editor my hosting company uses is not very user friendly.

Is there a good FTP editor to do this?

I have rebuilt the site 3 times over the lifetime and REALLY not looking to do it again :slight_smile: but they be where I end up… was just hoping to utilize current content and just link to it since it is already on server.

I use the Transmit 5 FTP app, but it isn’t really an ‘editor’. Yes, you can view and edit the web content but unless you are comfortable working with html you might find this a bit of a struggle.

Just out of interest, can you share the URL of your current site. I think that we might be able to convince you that the best way ahead is to start again from scratch with a new web authoring package. For instance, when you look at your site on a phone or a tablet, is it still legible? teefers mentioned the site probably not being ‘responsive’ i.e. not adapting to different size screens. Unless you are the only one using the site, if it isn’t responsive these days, you won’t get many visitors, at least none that stay long :slight_smile:

As Gary @Ruyton said, there are a lot of editors that can be used to edit HTML/CSS if you know how. Tranmit FTP app allow you to edit files and you can even change the editor to something you like to use based on file type. I use Microsoft VSCode for editing HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP and pretty much everything. If’s open source and great for that.

However you will need to know how to code.

Have you looked at these pages on your Phone? On average, about have of the website visitors are using mobile devices these days. If these pages were built with iWeb, they probably hard to use on a small screen. iWeb predates the mobile web.

@Ruyton and @teefers Again thank you for feedback.

I have utilized earlier version of Transmit and agree not really an editor.

I think I know just enough coding to be dangerous so may look into your suggestions Doug.

My website is and the main page it brings you too is the one my hosting company software (Weebly) published on top of my original iWeb homepage. If you select ‘Travels’ it will take you to Google map that has links to the travel pages with pics I created on iWeb. Those are the ones I need to change the ‘Home’ link to the the new home page.

If you goto Africa those are the better ones…

I opened them on my phone and iPad and they actually look pretty good… could be better I know…

I am leaning towards fresh start and rebuild with better software… like RW… also found Cyberduck too…

I mean Sparkle not Cyberduck…

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