Email stack but no theme?

I purchased this stack and installed it but I do not have the email Theme? Where can I get it? I saw that Joe published a download for it but the link in no longer valid.

Tag @joeworkman

Sorry to be dumb but how do I do that? Just edit my message and put @joeworkmanin the text?

I did it… :wink:

Thank you, I guess it is Facebook but I don’t use the platform!

No when you put @ in front of a user name on the forum it creates a notification to the use like this @jwDave

Ah! Thanks

FYI, on the product page, in the FAQ section at the bottom there is a theme download link. I’m on mobile so I didn’t try it.

Yes but sadly this is where your get the 404 error page not found.

Sorry about that.

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Many thanks.

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