RapidCart Pro not publishing

Hi. I have problems with RapidCart Pro causing trouble when publishig my page www.earthingpeople.se.
If I make some changes and then try to publish, first it does not publish only the changes but the whole page and then it freezes when there are 2-5 files left to publish. I try with Passive, Actice and Extended passive mode but alwys with the same result.

As the makers, Foreground, do not have any form of support any longer, they only state that the don’t have time, I have to ask if somone in the community have a solution.

Before upgrading to RW8 there used to pop up a window with a soft warning saying that there were multiple index and php files and that I should remove some. AsRapidCart Pro and the Contact form are php and the rest of the sites pages are html there is nothing I can remove. In Rapid Cart Pro there are multiple php files but no duplicates.
RapidWeaver support will not help me as they say it’s up to the 2 Italians who don’t care to have support maybe some nice person here can help me. It is driving me crazy

Publishing functionality is managed by RapidWeaver. You need to contact Realmac Software for support.

Foreground support is active and available at https://help.4gnd.com.
We haven’t received any support requests from you about this problem.

Nice to hear that… @dan
We reply to all support requests and possibly all threads about our products on this forum.


You do seem to have an odd file structure on your site - not sure how it is set up in your project.

If you go to https://www.earthingpeople.se/index.html then it goes to your homepage. If you type this into your browser, it goes to your RCP store https://www.earthingpeople.se/index.php

That could be your issue with multiple index files.


Hi Roberto

From your website General Support page.

“Customer service is time consuming and subtracts resources which could be used to improve existing products and develop new ones.”

Fantastic that you reply but did not help with my problem, You only reacted because I said your support has been and is dysfunctional.

When asking RealMac for help this is the answer I get from Aaron there:

Sent to Earthingpeople and support@realmacsoftware.com. 13 march 2019
"Hi Anders,

Thanks for your message.
I’m sorry to learn that you haven’t heard back about this issue yet.
I’m afraid we aren’t able to offer support for 3rd-party plugins, as we’re not suited to give you the best solution.
I’d recommend posting your issue on the community forums for help from the developers or other users of RapidCart.
You may want to look into a different solution, like Cartloom:

Then you turn around and say that it’s not your problem, that I have to contact RealMac.

Do you see the problem Roberto? I ask for help but nobody want’s to help. Both of you are just pushing the issue forward.

Never mind Roberto. You are busy making new projects and I am busy trying to solve some issues with my site. have another cup of coffee


Hi Jason

A customer mentioned this a few weeks ago but I haven’t had time to look into this problem yet. It is on my To Do list.

The English site is not set up like this. The shop is the Home site and I have the same problems on that site.

Aaron at RealMac said that the multiple file warning was just a soft warning, nothing that was causing publishing issues.

Thank’s for reminding me



You quoted a line from Foregound support page, but only used the part you wanted to use. Nowhere does it say they won’t help. They just want to be sure that you send them the information they need so they don’t need to spend 2 days going back and forth with you to get all the info they need to fix the issue.

The FULL quote is:

Customer service is time consuming and subtracts resources which could be used to improve existing products and develop new ones. When opening a support ticket, PLEASE:_

1) Read FAQs and product manuals first ;
2) Choose an appropriate and explanatory subject for your request;
3) Do not send multiple support requests for the same problem;
4) Do send different support requests for different problems;
5) Do not attach your license file nor license code;
6) If your inquiry is about RapidWeaver plug-ins, include a link to your published product page.


Hi Paul

I know but wanted to lift up this line that clearly states “Don’t waste our time with stupid questions” Just read between the lines.
Obviously I am aware of the pain in the ass support is as I run a support myself. Therefore I don’t ask for help unless I cannot get any further with the available resources.
So! Please dont give me grief over this. This is not a Facebook forum where people fight over who is right

I have been using RCP for a number of years and I have tried to get help before. When not getting support I have turned to RWCommunity forum and seen that a lot of people have been complaining about Foreground support earlier on. My last mail to the RCP support bounced and generally I have not been bothered to try and get help from them. RealMac have been the people I have turned to and ususally someone will reply fairly quickly there.

I am happy to hear and see that Roberto picked up on my plea but he only tild me to go to Realmac for help and Realmac tell me to go to Foreground for support. Greaf fun wasting a lot of time for nothing.

Hi again Jason

I just spent a little time comparing the Swedish and the English site and they are both set up the same way but the English site has it all in order with the shop as the home page.
As RCP and the contact form are both index.php pages and all the rest of the pages are index.html I don’t understand the warning message.
Do you have any ideas on this?
Grateful for an answer as I cannot figure it out.

Roberto. Perhaps you should make that clear on your site, that you only reply to support questions on the RapidWeaver Community Forum.

Your other pages have the same name, but they’re in different folders, so there’s no conflict and the browser doesn’t get confused as to which page to point to.

For example, the full URL for your contact page is:
https://www.earthingpeople.se/page-8/index.php (or on the english: https://www.earthingpeople.se/en/page-5/index.php).

Similarly, on the English site, the page that functions as the home page for the Swedish version appears to be this: https://www.earthingpeople.se/en/page-1/ whereas the store on the English site is this: https://www.earthingpeople.se/en so they’re seperated by that ‘page-1’ folder, and not getting any conflicts.

The problem occurs when you have both an index.php and an index.html in the same folder. As people don’t generally type out that part of the url, the browser has to choose which one to serve up (and generally defaults to the html version).

So to avoid confusion with the store page, you could do something like have the RCP page in a folder called ‘store’ so that the URL would be https://www.earthingpeople.se/en/store . You would set that in your page inspector settings in Rapidweaver. (Or keep the store as the home page and put that Om jordning page in a different folder)

Sorry for the rambling, I’m not sure if that all makes sense or not…


Hi Jason

Thanks! I was just mucking around renaming the folders to page-1, page-2 etc and publishing them as such so I could revert to naming the folders as i normally do, such as “important-info”, “earthing-faq” etc

The RCP page folder will not allow it to be renamed to anything. The text “my-page” is light grey and no matter what I type in there it just reverts to my-page.

I have 2 RCP shops, one English and one Swedish, that both are index-php. If I try to rename the english filename to something other tan “index” I get a warning that my page will not be found, at the same time I get a suggestion to rename "index"in another pop-up window when trying to publish. A contradiction.

Thank’s Jason. Your input is much appreciated.


This is because it’s set as the Home Page in your RW project (and as the home page, it sits at the root of your site, not within another folder). You’d have to first name another page as the Home Page and then rename the RCP Store folder.

If you are using ‘Tidy Links’ (which let people visit your site without typing in "index.php’ or ‘index.html’ than you’re correct that you can’t rename those, you need to keep them as index and rename the folder.


He’s said he hasn’t received a support request at their official support page; maybe you could try that.

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Am I the only forum user believing this sentence is false, rude and above all harassing for its discriminatory content?

Any moderator lurking the forum?



That’s not true and you would know it if only you had the time to click on the email address just below the text you unfairly quoted and send us a support request.

I tried once but the mail bounced

Oh! here we go. Attack the messenger and ignore the message.

Grow up!

Hi Roberto

You can drop all the personal stuff. Everybody has an ego and the ego loves being hurt as it then can react. Forget it!

All I wanted was some help regarding the publishing. My e-mail directly to your support bounced so I asked RW support for help. Aaron replied that as all the files that would not publish was RCP files it was you that had to help me and you say that it is RW support.

Never mind. I’ll solve it without either support so go back to work and don’t waste your time on this. There are many nice people out there who are willing to help


You picture a different situation here. You originally said that publishing process is stuck with 2 or 3 files that aren’t uploaded. I can confirm here that publishing functionality is exclusively handled by RapidWeaver.
Plugins can only notify RapidWeaver about changes, so RapidWeaver can upload only affected files.

Hi Roberto

The original situation with 2 to 5 files not uploading is still there. At the end of publishing the upload freezes and most of the time it’s index.php files from RCP that will not upload. I usually cancel the process, try with a different publishing mode but the same problem happens there.

Often a pop up soft warning window comes (but not always) saying that I have multiple index.php and index.html files.
As they are all in different folders with different names there should be no problem.

Sometimes I am able to get all files published after 6 to 10 attempts.

As I said earlier Aaron is the one who told me that I should contact your support.

I will delete all from the webhost server and re-upload the whole project as I see no other solution.

By the way. I really like RCP and I am glad to to hear that your support always answer e-mail.


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