RW 6.3 Publishing problems - when will it end?

The current 6.3 Rapidweaver is without doubt, the worst ever version for me.

I have had 3 crashes since the update and each time my Mac had to be forced to shut down and was then in an endless loop with RW Crash Reporter crashing the whole Mac.

However, what is even worse is that the publishing system seems to have regressed months and is now too unreliable to use anymore. I will have to go back to using my FTP program. I am getting the last 2 or 3 files failing to publish just like it did up to a few months ago. Also, I have 591 files to be published, yet have seen it display that over 1000 files are being published. If I change a single letter in a paragraph in one stack, all 591 files get published again. Other times I do a Re Publish All files which claims to be successful and then find that whole folders have not been updated.

Dear Realmac, When will it end?

6.3 Is the worst for me too. Whether it’s the app itself or an incompatibility issue with something else. Since the update Rapidweaver has become unuseable. Becoming unresponsive for 30-seconds with each click of my mouse/page change/paste etc.

I watch it maxing out my CPU every time before it freezes and then 30-seconds later it calms down. Does this on my new laptop and my old desktop. Tried reinstalling. Tried re-starting. Nothing works. :frowning:

Just wondering, have either of you adjusted the Maximum Concurrent Uploads in the publishing preferences?

Oh yes. Been adjusting that one for about 8 months on and off. Something changed in the last update to 6.3 and that Max Conc Uploads setting has remained the same in my RW. It isn’t just that the FTP process is failing the way that it used to fail, it is that the number of files to publish varies wildly and also re-publishing all files doesn’t always publish all files.

OK, just thought I would ask. Good luck.

Just making sure, nobody’s using El Capitan public beta?

Nope (extra characters just to allow this post)

If you haven’t already contacted us, please do so. RW can generate logs that should provide us with a clue as to why things aren’t working.

There’s several new options in the Cog menu (options change depending on upload method) that might also help?

The current 6.3.1 beta has an improved crash reporter.


I have contacted Realmac over these issues during the last 8 months. The end result is always that the next version has enhancements to the publishing engine or some other feature. Generally the FTP side of the publishing has slowly improved up until 6.3 but in my experience something is now broken. As a comment I have used many FTP packages over the years and not one of them has had the problems that the RW publishing system continues to show. I would dearly love to see a new feature that provides a one click Publish from RW via an FTP such as Cyberduck.

The way that the crash reporter is implemented is just wrong. A program should recover gracefully from a crash that locks up the whole Mac. It should not attempt to recover by restarting the program, load everything and then call the crash reporter. The Crash reporter should report the problem whether information is added by the user or not and then clear the flags that tell RW to start the Crash Reporter. The current implementation needs changing to avoid endless looping of RW crashing and locking up the whole Mac. Realmac don’t even get to see the Crash report because the Crash Reporter crashes.

Once you do that, we can all begin to address why RW crashes in the first place.

Have you tried contacting us recently? The most recent support interaction I have for your email address is from May and didn’t refer to FTP.

There’s a number of diagnostics in the more recent versions, that might be able to help us pinpoint the issue.

In terms of the crash reporter: if you click “Submit” without adding any information, it’ll be sent without that information. From a privacy standpoint, we don’t auto-collect diagnostics (however we are considering an “automatically submit” option for the future).


Last contact was a week ago and I even sent in a method that could be used to make RW crash in this way. I was hoping you could then investigate not only the crash, but investigate why it went into an endless loop.

Just to be clear here. My main issue is that RW does not recover after it has crashed and taken out the whole system. The fact that it crashed in such a catastrophic way is bad. Much worse though, is that it cannot recover afterwards and then makes the Mac crash and lock up again. During this endless loop, the Crash Reporter appears on the screen and it is then impossible to do anything on the Mac except hold the power button down until the Mac shuts down.

When this happens I can’t click Submit. I can’t click or do anything. At this point all I can is read the Crash Reporter and watch the spinning beach ball.

Currently I need a solution for this problem.

FTP problems can be addressed by abandoning the FTP facility in RW and using a dedicated FTP program, until RW gets fixed. Unfortunately this had been the solution for the last 8 months. I really hope there will be an improvement.

The crash was due to a bug in Stacks 3, which has since been fixed. We’ve also, in the latest 6.3.1 beta, updated the crash reporter to try and improve this.



Given that you’re still experiencing FTP issues, please could you turn on the “Enable Upload Logging” option in the RW Preferences -> Publishing, attempt to publish, and then use the Help menu -> Copy Support Logs option to send the logs to us?



Looking forward to this not happening again if RW crashes.

@nikf Udated to 6.31 today and after 1 hour RW crashes and locks up Mac. I was editing one small file at the time and had used CMD-z a few times and it instantly died.

With the new improved Crash reporter, things are even worse now. Crash reporter will not go away and Mac very unresponsive. This is after frequent forced reboots over the last hour.

So how do I get my Mac going again? As soon as I start RW, the Crash reporter locks up MAC (again).

Is it possible to safe start RW?

Yes: you can either start OS X in safe mode to help diagnose, or hold down Option when starting RW to disable third-party plugins.


I’m currently tracing a couple of crashes that are inside the Undo handling. Do you have any steps that are reliable (possibly project-filed specific?) that I can use to reproduce?


@nikf In this crash, I was entering html code (~100 lines) into a HTML container. i was making edits to that code and then returning to my previous code with CMD-Z.

I can say that RW has crashed while doing this before on several occasions. Also having more that one project open is IMO a surefire way to get RW to crash.
UPDATE. Just forced a restart of Mac and started in Safe mode. Then Safe started RW and unticked all 3 boxes. Up comes the Crash reporter and the Mac is very unresponsive again. I can now Force Quit the Crash reporter after a long wait.

I need you to instruct me on what to delete to get RW to start up without the Crash Reporter starting up?

Please contact us directly and we’ll figure this out (I need to look into this myself, before I can offer an answer!).


HTML Container? An HTML page, or an HTML Stack?