Rapid Ideas - rapid disappeared?

Does anybody know about Christoph? I just noticed that when I try to access his webpage it reads “closed”. is that temporarily or final? Has there been any announcement on that?

I had a question for him about one of his stacks about 3 months ago. I never received a reply.

I’m not sure if it’s final; let’s hope not.

You could mail his design bureau:
info (at) richardet-design.com

I know, I already did that. Will report back.

The first search result (using DuckDuckGo) is this page:

Seems like these addons are still available to buy and all the previews work for me, of the ones I tried.

There are additional contact / social links on that webpage. There is a login button too (top right), so presumably there might be more contact or support options if you login.

I’ve always been a big fan of his clean theme designs. :+1:


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