Does Dropkick work with RW Multi Language?

Has anybody tried Dropkick with Tsooj’s RWML? A client needs simple cms and the site uses RWML with RW5.4.1 and stacks 2.

I’ve asked this on a different thread but realized I was a month behind from that thread’s latest post. If anyone can chime in, I’d be grateful.

Great question @eagerweaver
So far not heard of this and as @kryten mentioned in the other thread would be fascinating and if we can get the chance to test it we will :slight_smile:

Thanks, @yuzool. I’ll try it, along with other CMS and see how they or if any work with RWML.

Oh great @eagerweaver - and please come back wth your findings!!

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Hello, @yuzool. I sent an email to your support about this but haven’t heard back from you yet, though I’m confident I will. But I might have a better chance of you seeing my message here, that’s why I’m using this forum.

I purchased Dropkick and was/am in the install process after watching the installation guide video. Perhaps it’s a silly question but where do I find the .htaccess file in the install package. I can’t see it. I even used OS X terminal to reveal hidden files but no luck.

I can write my own .htaccess file if that’s what I have to do, but the installation video seems to indicate that the .htaccess file is included in the Dropkick installation package. If not, could you please email me what I need to include in my .htaccess file for Dropkick to work. This will also come in handy if I decide to use Dropkick in sites for which I’ve already made an .htaccess file – will make it easier to insert what Dropkick needs.

Hope you see this soon.


Thanks for the heads up. There is a purpose built support system for Yuzoolthemes available here:

I appreciate that you sent in an email, but that has not resulted in a ticket being raised in the yuzoolthemes support system for me to deal with. Can I ask you to please go to that link, log in and raise a ticket. I will help you with this when you do.

It is much better to continue this discussion within the trouble ticket that you raise. That way I can be much more specific and address you and your set up personally.

Please raise the ticket. I hope to to receive it soon.


Thanks, Stuart. I just submitted a ticket. Sorry, I thought I just had to shoot an email and didn’t realize there’s a support ticketing system. Thanks for the speedy reply.

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No problem at all.

I got your ticket ( thank you ) and have just replied. Lets continue on the ticket.

Thanks again - you are going to LOVE Dropkick!

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Thanks, Stuart! Your reply to my support ticket worked. Sorry, must have been looking in the wrong folder when I unhid the files. Thank you!

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100% my pleasure. Always here at:

if you need us. Thanks for choosing yuzoolthemes.


Follow up on my search for CMS for a client’s site… I tried Dropkick and although it worked nicely in my experiments, the clients opted for a different CMS method. They don’t like to use a database, reserving their hosting plan’s allowed number of databases for other uses.

Since I now have Dropkick, I will use it for other projects in the future. Thanks for all the help.


P.S. To address the topic of this thread, no, it didn’t work with RWML. Perhaps RWML only works with flat file CMS.

I love Dropkick too and no RWML doesn’t work with the .htaccess file. I would like to write an exception but my programming skills do not allow me to accomplish this. Here is the Dropkick .htaccess code

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^(cms)($|/) - [L]
RewriteRule ^(install)($|/) - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}  !^(\.png|\.jpg|\.gif|\.jpeg|\.bmp)/$
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}  !^(.*)/filemanager/(.*)$
RewriteRule (.*.html|.*.php|.*.htm)  cms_worker.php?page=$1 [QSA]

Can someone tell me what rule or exception could I add to allow RWML to write lang=en and lang=fr

Thanks a lot in advance

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I’m not familiar with how RWML works @netgifted - I’ll see if talking with the RWML developer we can work something out. It may not be possible but will take a look.

Thanks for the Dropkick :heart_eyes: