Most advanced iMac OS that will run Rapidweaver 6?

I have an iMac running Sierra (10.12.6). I want to upgrade to a newer OS, but I want to make sure that my Rapidweaver 6 will work perfectly within that OS. Does anyone know which OS I can upgrade to? I don’t want to invest in a newer version of Rapidweaver because version 6 is quite stable and does everything I need it to. Thanks for your input!

On High Sierra (10.13.6) which is as high a my MacBook Pro can go. Tried my old copy of RW6 and it opened an old file without any issues.

Maybe someone else can say if RW6 can be installed on a higher macOS revision.

I’ve been able to open a RW6 project fine in Mojave. Didn’t try much other than open a project.

Catalina might have problems, if you have older plugins.

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