Downgrade to Stacks 2?

Yesterday evening I upgraded to Stacks 3 for the second time.
The first one was the day of the release, but I have so many issues and I downgraded to Stacks 2.
I tried again, but again I have many issues:

  • the Preview pages in different themes and addons appeared empty.
  • the content of Nick Cates Light Pages disappeared in Edit, leaving only a string: %slice% - clicking on Partials the content appeared again, but I was not able to return to the original situation. The only solution was closing Rapidweaver without saving the project.

I want to downgrade again to Stacks 2 but now I do not remember how I did the previous time. I remember I searched Stacks3 in the sandboxed something and I replaced with Stacks 2 from Time Machine backup of the day before, but is it the right way?
And where are all the Stacks 3 file exactly?

Did you check with Nick for an update of the Stack?

No, I did not write to Nick Cates, because the disappearing of something is not related only with that stack.
Now I prefer to downgrade to the yesterday situation, with working Stacks 2.
I will wait for next Stacks 3 updates before trying again to change.

Maybe the better way to downgrade is to replace all the sandboxed Rapidweaver folders with the backup. But I want to be sure to find all the files to replace, to avoid other troubles.

Ok, in another topic I found the location of the Rapidweaver sandboxed folders.
I deleted them and replaced with the yesterday backup with Stacks 2.7.1 (2.7.2 has another issue).
Now I can continue working at my web site.

Well, I think you’re daft. Most people have transitioned to Stacks 3 with no problems. If you have a problem with one or two stacks, it would make more sense to try and sort those oput. If you have a problem with more stacks, it is very unlikely to be anything to do with Stacks 3.

I wonder - with respect - whether manually moving files (e.g. also ‘…searched Stacks3 in the sandboxed something and I replaced with Stacks 2 from Time Machine backup…’ ) may be causing trouble?

There are times/places when/where it’s safe to move files and folders around at the Finder level - as you, understandably, have been doing; most often, though, it’s wiser to let RW and Stacks take care of their own installations and replacements.

There maybe dependencies which RW needs (and needs to control) which manual file actions are defeating - causing more problems.

May I suggest a fresh install of RW and Stacks 3 - letting the Apps do the work? You’ll surely have more success. Good luck!

About the deleted /replaced files. I did not delete single files or stacks, but all the sandboxed Rapidweaver folder with the one in the Time Machine Backup from a day when all worked well.

Now I have no issues with RW6 + Stacks 2.7.1.
I know that a fresh install would be the best thing to do, but I have to finish my web site.
Once finished this work I will reinstall all from zero: RW6, Themes, Stacks, Plugins (I have also to find the serials in the email orders…).

No, it is not working well. :weary:
This morning I opened the project I was working on yesterday evening and I discovered other issues. Now some Edit view appearing empty, while the Preview shows the image + text.

How can I safely reinstall Rapidweaver 6 + Stacks 3?

I should trying repairing permissions if you haven’t done so recently.

Just wondering, have you contacted Yourhead or @isaiah about this? I ask, because it sounds like no. They would be the BEST people to help you out.

Done yesterday.
I restarted my new site project from zero, now it seems “stable”.
Next problem I will reinstall RW+Stacks from zero. Is there an uninstaller?

I will try also to write to Yourhead.

Hopefully he might come to you now, when I @his name, it sends him a note. Not to sound mean, I say this with the most politeness I can, but why start on a forum when you are having an issue? I can understand to come here and search to see if anyone else is having difficulty, but going to the person or people who made the product first before asking in a public forum, IMHO, would be the best way to get something working…

Two weeks ago I had a problem with a Theme customization, I wrote to the developer through the form in the web page. In the answer I read… “We usually recommend users to post customization questions on the community forums…”
This time my request was not specific to a customization, or to a precise theme or stack, it was a general malfunction of “my” Stacks 3 installation and I asked only where is the Rapidweaver sandboxed folder, to restore the working situation of two days ago with Time Machine.
Because I need to finish my web site, and THEN I will study and try and write to ask for a specific help with Stacks3.
When I finished my work, started with Stacks2, I will have all the time to try again with Stacks 3.
But in the meanwhile I will write to YourHead, and I will attack some screenshot to document my experience.

For ‘Sandboxed’, may we read ‘backup’?

Moving parts of applications in and out of their dependent file locationss can - in itself - lead to instability… a newer (or older) version may expect newer or older files to work with. You may now unfortunately have a mixture which is unstable.

Suggest contacting YourHead and RM to discuss re-install when your project is finished. Good luck!

Maybe I used a wrong word, but “sandboxed” was the word I read many times in discussion about the location of the “support” folder which contains all the themes, plugins, addons …
In RW5 it was easily found in the user’s Preferences folder, in RW6 is hidden in a different directory.

I could not remember where it was, then I found this topic:
Reminder please where Stacks Folder is located in RW 6

~ / Library / Containers / com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6 / Date / Library / Application Support / RapidWeaver

I restored the situation of two days ago copying that folder com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6 from the Time Machine Backup.
I did not move single files but all the folder taken from the backup.


Yes, that’s where the files are, although the only actual space is between ‘Application’ and ‘Support’…

But RealMac does advise caution about moving assets in and out of that folder because of OS X sandboxing requirements.

I quite understand why you went - perhaps - ‘behind the scenes’ - and that you have a site to complete. Hope that goes well.

In the meantime, a fresh install, bringing both RW and Stacks up to their latest versions using their own installers is probably the best way to go - after you’ve made a backup of your RW Project file. Good luck!