What happens to what I have now after I upgrade to Stacks 3?

I have a couple of websites I have built over the past couple of months using Stacks 2.5 with Foundation. Aside from the basic Stacks stacks, I have the three bundles of Foundation stacks + some more stacks from Workman and others.

So, if I download and upgrade to Stacks 3 which, clearly, I will be doing very soon, what happens then? Do my current stacks continue to work? How about my current websites?

Also, I saw on Joe Workman’s blog that he had upgraded many stacks but those do not show up in RW for me, so I am figuring they are just upgraded for Stacks 3 and will show up then. Is that the way it works?


Usually one is right to be wary of upgrades to complex systems; things can get… ‘lost’.

But in the case of Stacks 2 > Stacks 3 not only have I made the upgrade myself - 100% seamlessly (everything just picks up where it left off in Stacks 2); but I’ve also seen next to no posts here suggesting that there are problems. In the case of PlusKit, which surfaced today, you can be sure that if Isaiah says he’ll fix it, he will.

You can upgrade without fear. Really!

Thanks, Mark. That’s great. Could you tell me how that works, though? You upgraded from Stacks 2.5 to 3 and then…? RW, your current stacks, your themes (in my case, Foundation) just continue to work as they did? Are there upgrades to stacks that only show up after you upgrade to Stacks 3?


Of course :smile:

Suggest that you download Stacks 3 here.

(I removed and kept the Stacks 2 plugin - just in case. It’s also named Stacks.rapidweaverplugin. It’s also in ~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver; both 2 and 3 live there in RW6.)

Next, launch RW6, but don’t open any projects yet.

Drag and drop the Stacks 3, Stacks.rapidweaverplugin, file onto the RW6 icon in the Dock.

It never hurts to restart RW after such an install.

When you next open an existing, or start a new, project and choose a Page Type Stacks, you’ll see a new interface. Takes no more than 5 minutes to get used to it.

All your existing Stacks are there in the new Stacks 3 Library.

And, Yes, Stacks 3 is much faster, easier to use, and looks a lot more… ‘swish’

Nothing else will have changed; your Themes all look the same; and your Projects all work the same.

Yes - everything works as before. Although behind the scenes Stacks 3 is more efficient and easier to use, everything works as it did with Stacks 2.

A new interface. And Partials (like a global macro). And many enhancements. But no structural changes that would adversely affect your work.

Good luck.

@gary555 unfortunately, @MarkSealey is a little mistaken, I noticed you mentioned in your original post that you mention Foundation. The Foundation stacks and theme that work with Stacks 2.x do not work with Stacks 3. The Foundation version for Stacks 2.x are 1.4.5/1.4.4 (stacks/theme). For Stacks 3.x, you will need to update to 1.5.11/1.5.2 (stacks/theme). The stacks you can get in the great new Stacks 3 update window:

The theme you will need to get here:

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for that. I will get that done forthwith. Imagine there will be a few other people wanting this info as well. Very helpful.

Ok. What I get here is that I would upgrade to Stacks 3, then upgrade the Foundation theme from the link you provided, then, when I open Stacks 3, there will be an upgrade window in it from which I upgrade various stacks as necessary. Correct me if that is wrong. Thanks.

Thanks for pointing out my mistake, zeebe; sorry :frowning:

Thanks all for giving me peace of mind for upgrading to Stacks 3 right now after my first coffee of the day. I have some pretty old stacks such as LifeStream from WeaverAddons that are not supported anymore. Since there’s nothing compared to LifeStream, I now simply close my eyes and think of England when upgrading. I’ll let you know how smooth it went.

  • Info Window flips to main screen when using two screens on first use when RW is on the external screen. Controls are then not accessible anymore. Window needs to be „minimized“ and clicked back from the Dock to unfold and show the bottom controls again.
  • ExtraContent Stack lost contact to the code and turned into „Template“. Since that was a standard stack on all my pages, I went through a copy paste exercise. No big deal
    Content in the Columnist-Stack from @joeworkman is almost impossible to edit as the editing window does not stay open when trying to access it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Try to scroll up or down while trying to access the edit mode. That works
  • Other than that, I’ve now published one project and it works like a charm. And that, at least it feels like it, much faster. The second project ist just uploading. I’ll report back any issues.

Bottom line: No significant issues upgrading all my projects. I have to say, though, that I’m not using extensive additional CSS and other custom code.

Nope, you got it right

Only glitch I have had so far was that, after paying for the Stacks 3 upgrade via Paypal, the “return to merchant website” failed, so I did not get back to the download link. But I found out from YourHead that you can just download from the Stacks 3 product page and put your new serial number – which was on the receipt YourHead sent to me – into the registration box. Done. Then, I upgraded Foundation by downloading from Joe Workman’s site and upgraded his stacks from within Stacks 3. Had a dot on my Home page, to publish, which actually sent up a bunch of files. Did that. All seems well, at this point.

Seems you’re well over the hump, Gary! Good going…

@jsc if you uncheck “Preview Columns” inside Columnist, its easier to edit the text. That was the best work around that I could come up with for now. Hope this helps. I should add that this behavior was the same in S2.

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@gary555 - i must admit it took me a really really long time to find out where that bad “return to merchant” setting was in paypal. sorry about that to everyone that bumped into it. we finally managed to fix for sure on the third try this afternoon.

cocoa programming, web apps, APIs – no big deal – but paypal settings… now that’s hard!!!


One really nice touch is adding that Images column and, especially, putting the pixel size next to each image. If I want to replace an image, I know the original pixel size immediately. Love that!

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Hi @joeworkman,

it indeed helps.
Thanks a lot for your attention.
I’ll have to change the setting one by one, though. Too many instances of the stack in my projects… (-;

@jsc you only need to check that setting if you need to edit the text… there is no reason to waste time and uncheck them all. The stack will behave the same in preview and publish regardless of that setting being checked.

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