Stacks disappeared - critical

All my stacks have disappeared. I was trying to move my add ons to dropbox, following the manual and I obviously did something wrong. The stacks are still there in dropbox but when I try to reinstall(from dropbox) it tells me they are there but none of my projects see them. So every stack, except some from Your Head, that I have bought in the last 5 years are no longer accessible by any of my websites. I’ve never had a problem with dropbox; I am careful nnot to work on a site in two computers. I only moved the addons (rapidcartpro and ecwid) because I could not access them.

One of the websites is an in progress so I really need to fix this asap.

Not sure how you moved what? You said:

There is no way to move “just” a couple of add-ons (at least not with RapidWeaver) you move them all or none.

In RW8:
Go to preferences and under addons, you should see an “addons Location” at the bottom. It should “point to a directory” or say managed by rapidWeaver. What does yours say?

There is also a “reveal in Finder” button.

They are all there in dropbox, but obviously none of the websites are looking at dropbox any longer. All the projects are also in dropbox and I can open them. When I go to a stack in dropbox and try to reinstall, this is the message I get.

What version of Rapidweaver are you running?
Screenshot of what you see on the preferences (adddons) As for location would be helpful.

At the bottom stacks library if you hit the little gear an option to show in finder, where does that take you?

It says users/cathieturner/dropbox/RapidweaverItems. And this is where I have always had the Stacks. But the Ecwid and Foreground items went to Add-ons initially.

Whenever I buy a new stack, it goes to dropbox and shows up in my library. Not there is almost nothing left in library.

So clearly I am looking for a way to undo this.


The stacks plugin is an addon, as are all your stacks. Not sure what you moved or how you moved it. You said that your stacks have always been on dropbox? That should have meant that Ecwid and Foreground Plugins should have been in Dropbox as well.
What version of RW?
Screenshots please of the preferences and what you see in Dropbox?

I am using 8. The gear takes me 2019-01-14_14-42-36 2019-01-14_14-44-38
The stacks are there and have been there for years.2019-01-14_14-45-36

Is there a way to move them elsewhere. How would I do it?

Please see last post. Actually they were in there but as zip files and since I have never used a plug in before, I assumed it was the same as a stack -

When you click the reveal in Finder button2019-01-14_15-52-07

You should see a listing of folders.


  • Plugins disabled
  • Snippets
  • Stacks
  • Themes

Whats in the stacks folder?

I’m about to leave the office for today. When you said you attempt to reinstall them I would guess you are “double clicking” from where you found them in dropbox?

I would definitely MAKE A BACKUP of what you found prior to going any farther in trying to get them back.

Are they working or not? From the screenshot, it looks like they should be there and working.

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