Download a Demo Help


I’m very new to RapidWeaver and I’d like to try out a couple of the interesting looking plug-ins to see if they’re suitable for my needs - notably the Meta Mate and WP-Blog.

For both there’s an option to ‘Download a Demo’, which I have done. However, I’m now at a loss as to how to incorporate the downloaded files into my site to test the functionality given they’re not the normal ‘double-click and off you go’ variety.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome! We’ll be happy to help you here.

It probably bears saying that there’s not necessarily anything special or different in the way that third party add ons work from those bundled with RW itself.

You usually install by dragging-and-dropping onto the RW (assuming you have version 6?) icon in the Dock. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to restart RW. WP-Blog and MetaMate will then be visible and ready to use as Pages (top left menu) like any other.

How far have you got with the manuals, resources and guides which really do go through things from the beginning here? Good luck - and do come back with any specific questions :slight_smile: !