Anyone using Meta Mate and RW7?

Is anyone using Meta Mate with RW7. Is it working? Looks like Meta Mate is no longer supported?

I believe that’s the case, sadly.

The developer was very helpful when I wrote to him six months or so ago. Is there anything in that plugin which the new RW 7 features don’t offer you?

Joe bought MetaMate but there is not a RapidWeaver 7 version at this time. No ETA on when it will be ready.

Well, first of all. My window always opens with the divider of the right panel slide all the way to the right so nothing shows. Once I slide the divider so the right panel is there and showing it doesn’t show all meta data.

Since it was “unsupported” and old I removed it in total. I’m getting so many crashes in RW I’m trying to pair down to essentials only to see if crashes improve.

Yes… I got forwarded to Joes site but it’s hard to find anything without a search tool… (or did I miss it? Couldn’t find one.)

I think he removed it. When he redesigns his site later this year, it will be there for sure.

MarkSealey… what version do you have on RW7? Mine is 1.0.16. When I pull the “Page Metadata” window out it doesn’t show Description tag. And my page clearly has them. They are present in inspector and in the actual page HTML when viewed in browser.

That is on Stacks3 pages. It does show me “og:image” and “description” tags of my blog page.

zeebe… I understand if he wants to go all RW… but if not, have him checkout “Zoom” indexer. It’s an OSX app that will index your site and provide for searches. Highly configurable with site category search (ie: he could setup “theme,” “add on,” “free,” etc. search categories. Uses flat files and is super fast.

He will be hopefully releasing what he will be using soon after the site (and corresponding videos on the stacks) are done.

@1611mac, Yes, I have 1.0.16 as well. I know I did have trouble getting it to work - but chiefly because it wasn’t clear how to apply the relevant data in the correct fields, and to know when you’d done what you were supposed to.

I believe I had the same experience as you. So, when I saw the new features with meta data in RW 7, including Health Check, I decided to use those.

Beebe’a news is indeed good news; it’ll be in good hands with Joe. Good luck!

I have mine setup exactly was was in RW 5.3 but it doesn’t “grab” the data where existing. You have to “apply” your info then it will appear. That is still better than entering it into the panel as I use several og tags in addition to the description, author, etc.