Yuzool purchase - no download link

Just in case someone from Yuzool is watching the forums - I purchased a Yuzool Bundle yesterday lunchtime and urgently need to get on with a project using one of their Stacks (Mal’s e-commerce) - however I have only received the Paypal email and nothing from Yuzool - hence am unable to download my purchase. No reply from support and also not appearing in my Yuzool account - very frustrating as I told my client the functionality would be ready to test on Monday morning but the weekend is slipping past. Anyone able to help?

I purchased the bundle too (the day before yesterday) and got a direct download link. I can’t remember on which page and where, so that’s not much of a help for you I’m afraid. I got all the files however.
I only got a mail from PayPal and no mail from Yuzool, nor are the items added to my account.
Maybe they’re all on holiday. After all it’s Whit Sunday.

But calling attention this way to the chief and support crew @yuzool, @kryten or @Turtle maybe could help.



Can I ask, please. Did you raise a ticket at:


Just so I know. I have also sent private messages to each of you (which might be faster for you).




My post wasn’t a complaint (yet :wink: ) , because it’s a long weekend, I have received the goods and I am in no hurry at all.

Just sharing my experience to @manofdogz and trying to help a bit by ‘Calling all Stations’.

Have a nice weekend,



Okay, thanks. Hopefully @manofdogz will read either this or the DM I sent him and we’ll get him hooked up to his goodies in time to do what he has committed to.

Hi. yes I raised a ticket. Now have a reply but not letting in me log in to support with details I have in keychain. I can log into my main account no problem (and the bundle isn’t listed under purchases) but when I try to log into Support - I can’t.

OK - Have now logged in via the URL login option in your email and have the download. Many thanks. big download - all the Yuzool stuff ever made - should keep me busy.

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Great. Let me know if you need anything and thanks for choosing yuzoolthemes :slight_smile: