😬 Download RapidWeaver 8 Private Beta 8 (Build 19851b)

Hey Weavers,

We got a big one today for ya’ll today, see below for details…

What’s New?

  • Added an “Add-ons” toolbar button
  • Implemented UI state restoration on a per-project basis
  • Removed Give Feedback button as it was never used
  • Banner image now used as the default for social meta tags (unless it’s overridden in the page inspector).
  • Removed normalize image option (better things are coming)
  • HTML tags from social media meta tags now get stripped
  • Fixed a bug where the “Re-Publish All Files” caused all pages to be marked as changed, but successfully publishing doesn’t set them back to unchanged
  • Fixed a data-loss bug that was reported by Isaiah (hat-tip for the steps on that one)
  • Added support for viewing SVG’s in the Media Browser
  • Fixed a migration warning error
  • Fixed an issue with migrating the logo from RW7 to RW8
  • Adding and removing images from the Media Browser now works (dropping an image in still doesn’t work, use the + button for now)
  • So many other fixes and enhancements it’s crazy!

Download RapidWeaver 8 Private Beta 8 (Build 19851b)

Keep the feedback coming - emails to dan@realmacsoftware.com always welcome :slight_smile:

Time to buckle up, I think we’re on the home stretch now!!!


EDIT: Typically, I’ve just found a bug in this build: Pressing the “Themes” toolbar button crashes RapidWeaver. Doh! We’ll have a new beta online soon.

The default location for the add-ons button seems like it should be on the left with the projects/themes/etc. Can you link out to the Community Site from the add-ons manager?

I have been using RW8 full time for a while now. It’s been really solid.

If I could nitpick on one thing, exporting seems to have gotten a lot slower in RW8. It seems to really take a long time to export a site that is not that large at all. Can anything be done to help speed this up? I know that users are going to notice this on day 1.

Yup, good call. We’ll get that added!

Do nitpick, we want to make sure RW8 kicks-ass. The slow export is odd, I don’t think there’s any reason why RW8 should be exporting slower, I’ll check in with @simon and @tpbradley on this!

@joeworkman can you send me the project so we can run some tests? (dan@realmacsoftware.com like always)

Keep the feedback coming.


Any idea why the integrated updater from 19763b doesn’t pull 19851b ? Of course beta updates are enabled, and the beta updates have been loaded correctly before.

Weird. It should have worked just fine. We’ll look into it. Did it work for everyone else?

@joeworkman btw. We added the preview in browser(s) support you wanted (I think it was you that requested it).

Watch this video to see it in action. Also, notice how you can select multiple default browsers :smiley: https://d.pr/v/Sg0BOz


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broken for me too


The appcast appears to be pretty empty.



Interesting. I was originally thinking more simple. Just a preference like this but for normal preview…


Hey guys,

Here’s a quick new build that should have gone out Friday: https://dl.devmate.com/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/19865b/1532341945/RapidWeaver8-19865b.zip

What’s new?

  • Tweaked the layout of the toolbar
  • Showing the Themes popover no longer causes a crash
  • Added new icons to the resources browser (folder now shows as a folder).
  • Cookie banner now uses local storage
  • Adding images to a styled text area no longer result in tiny images
  • Other minor fixes

Expect another excellent build later in the week.


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@joeworkman We’ve done some tests here and it appears to be the same. Can you send us your project so we can test the speed here, might be something in the project file we’ve not tested for here that’s slowing it down…


I’ve just noticed there’s now a “Privacy” tab. Sorry I didn’t notice before… but anyway, I thought it would be really cool if there were some helpful stuff in that display for getting sites working with https/SSL – like links to https://letsencrypt.org and info on https. With google’s changes requiring https there’s a lot of normal folks that are panicking. It’s kind of above their grade level technically. It would definitely be a nice feature to say that RapidWeaver makes that transition a bit easier.


Well… we actually check for this when the user adds their website address in the settings area.
We check to see if their site is https, if so we offer to update the URL:

If it looks like it doesn’t support https, we point them to this blog post at the Realmac site telling them how to get it setup.

How’s that?

:+1: pretty slick. well done.