Can't get linked resource to open

I added a couple of Resource pages to my site and created links to them from a Styled Text page. I placed a .pdf document in each page, but when I click the link in Preview, the .pdfs don’t appear. Can anyone suggest a possible setting I missed? Does this have anything to do with Acrobat settings or the way I saved the .pdf?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @MGGuy so you want to see the PDF’s on the page not have them as a download ?

You need to use a stacks page and a pdf embed stack.



Use the direct link to the pdf … so it will open in the browser.

I usually save pdf’s as Optimised PDF for web viewing.

Hi Rusty, thanks for the quick response! I did the direct link and was able to use the “command-P” to preview the page in Safari, and the links were active and displayed the pdfs, so all is good.

Glad it worked out … thanks