Downloading website from server to repair corrupt file

I designed a website in RapidWeaver 7 and uploaded it to the server and it is running fine. I just discovered that my file on my computer is corrupted and I can no longer open it on my laptop to make design changes. When I attempt to open it on my computer it says the default theme (null) is not found. Is there a way to copy the files from the functioning website back to RapidWeaver so that I can access and edit the website again?

Short answer…NO!!!

That message does not mean that your project is corrupted. My guess is that the theme is not installed or the theme has issues. If you change the theme of the project, does it work?

No. Changing the theme does not work.

Did you store that project file on your desktop in a cloud folder like Dropbox or iCloud?

Can you provide a link to your published site? Then we can see the theme you used which may give us a clue.


Do you still have the Boxedo theme? If so, what happens when you try and apply it to your project?

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