Dragging photos into an Impact stack

I’m new to Impact, and finding it good, but if you want to create a slide show with more than a few photos, it’s a tedious process. The process seems to be: create an impact slide, then drag a photo into the slide image on the inspector. Then repeat, again and again. I’d sure like a faster way!

Dragging a photo into the “impact Image Slide” frame doesn’t work. You get a regular Foundation Image instead. That seems strange, because it is inside an Image frame, but that is what happens. And you can drag in multiple images but only one will show up - as a Foundation image - inside the Impact frame. Or if you drag multiple images into the Impact Image in the Inspector, only one is made into an Impact image.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to drag multiple images into an Impact frame and have them all made into Impact Images. That would be a real time saver if it could be done.

How do you make this into a feature request?

You would have to go over to joe workman website and email or request there.

Impact images are background images that is why they have to be set up in this way. When you drag and drop an image as you describe it will create a foreground image.

Impact is by its very nature a background image slideshow, hence this mode of operation.

You can of normally drop images into either the main foreground content or the per slide foreground content along with other stacks which will float over the background Impact slideshow.

Yet this is what the Joe Workman documents say on his site, where he compares Impact to Eclipse:

“The Eclipse stack gives your webpage full screen background image, slideshows or video while the Impact stack is placed within the foreground of your site creating promotional containers to fit your content.”

This is a bit confusing to a new user!

Two different stacks. One is made for the backgrounds of blank themes (although Eclipse does work in some non-blank themes)

Impact is more of a slideshow stack, but its original purpose is to be a hero header type of stack.