Link and Impact incompatible?


I’ve had 100% success using Joe Workman’s Link stack for all kinds of projects…until now. First, some background.

Embedded within a Sections Pro stack is a 3 Column Foundation stack, into which I’ve added three panels horizontally across the stack. Each panel has a Link stack containing Joe’s Impact stack, and inside that is the Impact Image Slide stack. For now I’ve placed a single photo in the slider (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 One of three panels

Below that first Link stack (containing the two Impact elements) is another Link stack containing four other stacks.

Both Link stacks point to the same page (AIRPORT), albeit by different means: the top link points to the URL of the airport page; the bottom points to the page within RW.

Both links function fine when uploaded…but the image fails to appear both in Preview and when uploaded (see Fig.2.) The image appears normally when in Edit, and likewise when the Link stack containing the Impact stacks is removed. Earlier I tried pointing the top link to the AIRPORT page within RW, but with the same result: the image fails to appear.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 16.47.42
Fig. 2 Photo fails to appear

I’ve looked for ideas from Joe’s tutorials but found nothing to suggest Link and Impact are not compatible. I’m running Foundation, RW 8.6.2, and S4S4; everything is up to date.

I’d hoped to use Impact to enable using different images sliding through multiple slide shows (one independent slide show per panel); being able to link to other pages is a mission-critical requirement. Please offer any suggestions; I’d consider replacing Impact with something else if needed to meet my need.

Thanks for your help!


Maybe start by replacing the Link stack with Linkbox? and see if that works?

Or there’s also BigLink -


Since you have uploaded the pages that are having trouble with, it’s much easier to get help if you can provide a URL.

Rob to the rescue…again!

I searched for link stacks but found none, and had given up on the idea of separate mini slideshows within panels, so yesterday I purchased Doobox’s linkable Image Switch as a workaround. But with LinkBox I am able to use Impact without difficulty. (I have other lofty plans for Image Switch.)

Thanks very much, Rob, for suggesting LinkBox.

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The sandbox where I work on RW projects resembles a teenager’s bedroom…so I limit visits to those occasions when I’m really stumped with a problem (and have time to clean up first).

I appreciate your offer to help!

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