"Fondation Image Slide" Stack - how does it work?

I am playing arround to learn about the features of foundation.

In the moment i am learning how the different slider and gallery stacks are working.

But i am not able to insert a Foundation Image Slide stack in a project.
What does this stack do?
Where is it mentioned to be for?

Unfortunatly i don’t find any advide on JW’s onlide manual (only the settings, but not what it ment to be).

Thanks in advance!


Barbara, did you download the sample project from the Doc Portal?

All the foundation stacks are outlined in there showing usage. I Think you are referring to Orbit Slider (Foundation Starter Pack)?

That sample project is definitely your friend!


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WOW - no i did not know about it!

I had the Foundation Getting Started project and did not realize that there is another one!


btw: the orbit slider i tried and understood, but there is another one, named “foundation image slide”.

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Hmmm - did not find something about this stack?


The Foundation Image Slide stack is an Impact Child stack that allows you to add a Foundation Image as an impact slide and benefit from the interchange loading of different sized images for different devices (just like the normal Foundation Image stack does)

You cannot drop the Image Slide onto a page. You add it to Impact via the add child + button to add a new slide.

The only reason that you are seeing it in your library is that you have enabled “Show Hidden Stacks” on the cog menu of the Stacks library. Doing this will mean you see all hidden child stacks which may well get confusing. It is better to turn off “show hidden stacks” for normal use. They are hidden for this very reason to avoid confusion.


Thank you! I did not realize it and will switch it off :smiley: