HTML drop-down broken

I used to be able to insert html into HTML stack with menu that no longer drops down?

Without seeing what HTML you are talking about it’s going to be hard for you to get help. Perhaps post the code here (just make sure you mark as code above </>), and or a URL to a page.

It’s the drop down menu thats dysfunctional, I can manually enter code. just can’t take advantage of short cut menu at bottom of edit page

If you’re talking about the edit items at the bottom:

These don’t work with an HTML stack. They didn’t work in RW7 or RW6 either. They work with styled text.

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And the top menubar Format menu is the same as the buttons (the buttons are just shortcuts to those menu items). The Format menu works for Styled Text – but not for MarkDown or HTML, which both need plain text.

And the longer answer about the history of these things…

This is the way Stacks has always been – and for a good reason – it’s just a reflection of the way RapidWeaver has always been. These three text stacks: Styled Text, Markdown, and HTML correspond directly to the Styled Text page, the Markdown page, and the HTML page in RapidWeaver. Stacks just encapsulates those page-types inside a stack and allows you to mix and match them on a single page.

The only part of this that’s changed since the introduction of Stacks is the Markdown Stack, which was introduced in Stacks 3 – after RapidWeaver added a Markdown page and corresponding API.

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