Dropbox Dispatch stopped working

I’m still waiting to hear back from Joe Workman, but in the meantime - is anyone else seeing this problem? My Upload page using the Dropbox Dispatch stack stopped working.


It now says it requires PHP 5.4 and I have 5.3.28 - Joe’s site says the stack only requires 5.3. I’ve had people uploading but the upload appears to finish but actually go nowhere.

This morning I tried deleting that folder and re-uploading it all. Now clicking the link to complete Dropbox setup doesn’t work either, giving a bunch of errors.

The site needs to be changed, if the stack tells you to update your PHP, you should, in fact, since you are doing it, I would ask your host to update to PHP 5.6 or higher. You can see on the version history here

That PHP 5.3 End of Life (EOL) was back in August, 2014.

PHP 5.4, was EOL in Sept, 2015.

PHP 5.5 was EOL in July, 2016.

There is NO reason your host should be using a version of PHP that is NOT being supported by the PHP community.

Also, our docs page says it requires 5.6+

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