Backup-Frank Stack: It does not work :-/

Hello @yuzool I just got your new backup stack,
but I see just a white page after uploading to the server.
I used php7. please see video (7sec) Link
Best Regards Marcello
PS: I filled out all the fields (Path, SerialNr, Dropbox, E-Mail-SMTP …)

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the error is: the closing tag for php is missing

I also can’t get this stack to work, with the error:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<', expecting end of file

I’ve emailed the developers but no reply as yet.

In the meantime, have you tried using the included HTML PHP Site Version? This seems to work fine for me.

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Hi @bigsy I also reported this bug via email and github few days ago, I also have no reply as yet.
I have the missing PHP tag closed, but a backup is still not possible!

I think it’s sad, that when he releases such an expensive stack he does not check it out first!

No, I have not tried the HTML PHP site version yet,
but if you say it works, then I want to try it.
Thank you!

I’m not familiar with Backup Frank but why not simply use ftp to archive your site to local external disk? Many ftp apps (I use Yummy FTP) are able to archive (sync with existing folder).

I use Yummy FTP too :+1:, but I want that my customers can do backups without FTP access!
and also I do not want to take care of :hugs: Backup Frank promises saving everything in Dropbox automatically.

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Ah… that makes sense…

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Got your comment on GitHub @Marcello - thanks for the bug find

All fixed!

And reply sent @bigsy :slight_smile:

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