Dropdown menu inside mega menu

I’m using the mega menu stack and the dropdown option within it but I cannot get it to work as I’d like despite playing for an hour or so now sooooo … if anyone can help I’d really appreciate it

I want to get the dropdown menu working so that:
A - when one hovers over the word ‘Drawings’ the little arrow points downwards.
B - the dropdown options (pages) are displayed with a different bg/text colour as the cursor hovers over them.

I don’t follow what you’re trying to do with B. You can select the “Drop Down - Plain” sub-stack and set the text and background colors for the drop-down items.

@Nightrain , are you talking about Foundry’s Mega Menu (Potion Pack)? Did you check the documentation?

You may find your answer there.



Thank you guys - I couldn’t find the documentation for Megamenu so the link helped Hans. I also found the information I need in the examples provided on in the tutorial video - The first one (simple dropdown is the closest to what I’m after Don H so I can work with that.


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