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Hi guys,

I’m looking to be different on my site. I’d like a NavBar at the bottom.
I’m using Foundry with Potion and Alloy. I am still new and learning all this…

I see all the navbars have dropdown menus. But the NavBar has a way to add stacks.

I’m hoping to add a popup menu to the nav bar. So the menu pops to the upside instead of downside (being at the bottom).

Any tips on this welcome.

MegaMenu or NavBar pro is what i’m looking perhaps to do this.

I see MegaMenu has a dropzone for a stack but that’s WITHIN the dropdown menu.
Is there a dropzone for the navbar WITHIN the NAVBAR itself?


I don’t know if you can position foundry’s mega menu at the bottom of a page. Take a look at Mega menu from

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Cool I see they have popup menus… I wonder if those arrows could be pointing up instead of down also?

You maybe be able to turn off the icon from showing, don’t know if that helps your design.

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hm… yea that may work

does this also do sticky navigation? I want my nav bar to be at the bottom at all times…

kinda like how if you add the item to your cart on that site you linked it shows that bar at the bottom along with the help bubble.

But of course that would be my nav bar

According to their page

the fixed option is checked, you will see another dropdown appear that will allow you to choose whether the menu be placed on the top or the bottom of the page

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