Dual monitor - library / inspector panel not returning to its' last location

I finally got a dual monitor setup for my iMac so I can move all the tools over to the second monitor.

When I pop out the library stack panel and the inspector panels to move it over the second monitor. It doesn’t remember it last position after I quit or restart RW.

The library stack panel does stay popped out but the inspector panel returns embedded back into RW editor and I have to pop it out again to move both library and inspector panels back over to the second monitor each time I start up RW.

My other applications and developer tools places the tools to its’ last position on the second monitor after I move it over when I restart or start it up so I assume RW would do the same.

Did i miss a setting or setup in RW to keep its’ tool in the last position?

I forgot to add maybe a bug with library stack. If i do not quit RW but close a project and open it again or another project, I get duplicate library stack panel. It look like when I close project, the library stack does not go away.

See attached screenshot, I open one project and close it the reopen it and close it again. You can see two library stack with no project loaded in RW

@dan @tpbradley could you perhaps have a look? I presume many of us including me are using a second monitor. That would be nice if it would work :slight_smile:

If it helps to troubleshoot, I am using the latest RW 8 with latest Stack 4.

thanks Bill,

these are both very good bug reports. i’ve fixed variants of these but these details were somehow overflooked.

i can duplicate both bugs (that the monitor sticks to the main window) and that it does not leave when the project file is closed as expected.

i’ve filed them here and here. If you want to you can follow along and see when they get fixed.

i can’t imagine that either of these will be hard to fix (famous last words LOL) so i’m going to try to sneak them into Stacks v4.1 which i’ve already started early alpha testing for.

it’s still not ready for primetime – but when it is i’ll release that beta over on the Stacks slack channel. everyone who doesn’t mind testing with a few bugs is welcome to come try the betas:

to get a slack invite: http://slack.yourhead.com/
once you have an invite: http://yourhead.slack.com/



Glad to know it’s a bug and that you are able to reproduce it to fix it.

Looking forward to the next version.

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