Stacks: weird startup in RW7

I am now using RW7 for some projects. In RW6 when I opened a project (which had all Stacks pages) then the initial startup would show the Stacks library pane, the main Stacks window, and the Stacks information panel. Now the default if for only the main Stacks window to show. This means every time I start RW7 I need to manually ask to see the Library and Info panels. Why?

I’ve gone into Stacks preferences and set Library to open as a Sidebar, but nothing has changed.

In addition RW6 would always open the last used project file (which was super convenient). Now RW7 always opens with no project. Is this intended behavior? Or is there some way for me to reclaim the ability to have RW7 auto open previously opened files?

Do you have a big screen or a small screen? Isaiah has adjusted Stacks 3.1 to work differently on smaller screens. If it is a big screen, I would suggest you message @isaiah or send in an email.

@zeebe Wait … is this a “my screen is bigger than your screen” discussion? :slight_smile:

Currently I’m at home with my MBA 13. So that’s a smaller screen. But I think the same thing happens on my iMac 27 at my office: though I’m not 100% positive since RW7 is so new and I haven’t been using it a ton yet.

@isaiah: Anything to add to this? If there’s a preference that let’s me designate how to initially view the Library I’m expecting that to “hold” regardless of screen size on my computer. If I do choose Popover or Window that seems to work, but not Sidebar for startup.

BTW I know it only takes a few seconds to bring up the Library and to bring up the Information panels. But it’s a bit of a nuisance (rather than a real problem).

I’ve now tested Stacks at my office with RW7 and I have the same results. Always opens with Library closed (even though I’ve set Library to open in Preferences), nor does the Inspector show. This is just very different behavior from Stacks in RW6.

Again, it’s 5-10 seconds to correct each time, but a definite annoyance.

it’s a bug. we’re working on it. should be fixed in the next release.

here’s the bug in our bug tracker so you can keep tabs on our progress

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@isaiah I don’t see a link to the bug tracker, but that’s okay. Just knowing it’s a known issue and that you’re working on it is enough for me. When changing over to a new system (RW7) it’s sometimes hard to tell if there’s a new approach going on or a bug. I look forward to the update, but can certainly work around it easily enough for now.