Library not accessible

Hi all

I am not able to open the stacks library. When I press the left mouse button down on ‘library’ nothing happens and when I release the button there’s a brief split second flash of the library and it’s contents but it disappears immediately. This has happened before, in previous versions of RW but not to this extent. Using RW 6.3.5, Stacks 3, everything updated. Repaired permissions. Didn’t help.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Barry

Maybe the library does not have enough “screen space” to be displayed. Are you able to change the screen size to a larger dimension and check again?

instacks, I wish it were that simple. I use two monitors, a 40" and a 24". There’s plenty of room for the library to show up. But all it does is flash for an instant and then disappears.

Thanks for trying…


Try with only one monitor. I’ve heard already about problems with 2 monitors …
Cheers, Jannis

Instacks, tried what you suggested but still not able to access the library. Tried re-installing RW 6.3.5. No change. Tried using older version of RW. Uh,uh. Rebooted system. No good. Repaired permissions. Nope. Poured myself a rum and coke…did nothing (atleast, did nothing for RW and the library ; > }

I’m at a loss to get into the library and of course that puts me out of commission until I get it straightened out.

Thanks again but…


I’m sorry for that. Sounds you need more rum to get through this :tropical_drink:

Ok. Figured out the problem…now I just need to figure out how to fix it.

I added some java script to the head area and for some ungodly reason that prevented the library from opening. As soon as I deleted the code and restarted RW the library opened as usual. Re-entered the css and no library. Deleted again and the library worked.

So…I really needed to add this code right after the body tag not the head tag but don’t know how to do that. Can anyone tell me how I can drop some code right after the body tag on the page?

BTW, using foundation theme on one page site.

Would much appreciate it.


Hi Barry

The JavaScript panel of the Page Inspector will place the code just before the closing </body> tag.

RapidWeaver Central

Thanks Marten will try that.