Launch with previous view?

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RapidWeaver Version: 7.0.1
Stacks Version: 3.1
System Version: 10.11.5
Hardware: Mac Pro, 3.7GHz Quad-Core E5, 500 GB SSD Storage, 16GB Memory.

Every time I start RW, it shows no Inspector panel and no Library panel. I want it to launch with these two panels open as side-bars. I must add that in Stacks Preferences, I got the setting “Library starts as a:” set to “Same as Previous Launch” (I tried to change it to “Sidebar”, but it did not make any difference). “Close on Startup” is unchecked.

In RW6 this was working the way I wanted. Is that a bug in RW7, or am I overlooking some preference setting?

Expected Result:
How to get RW 7 to launch with the same view as the last time it was used?

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EDIT for previous post…

In addition to previous 2 issues, there is another (related one): the left Pages panel opens always at the default width at launch – instead of the width chosen at previous use. Please, see screenshots to better visualize problems.

First screenshot shows the way RW presently works and the second one shows how it should work.

I should add that this also occurs in the latest version 7.0.2.


Yes, please fix this, add as enhancement, whatever. It is frustrating to reset everything each time you enter the app. Please.