Need help! i get this error when i use site styles in foundation!

When I put the Site Styles Stack onto any template, I get this error message.
" Duplicate Pages Found on Your Server

Foundation has detected 2 versions of this webpage on the server:

You can use the buttons to easily choose which file to remove form the server. You can also use your favorite FTP program to do this as well."

It first started happening when I downloaded and installed a blank heme from themeflood. do you think that can be it? When I click on the options, nothing happens

First, just an FYI, if you are using foundation site styles, you MUST be using the free foundation theme.

The warning is telling you that you have two index files. This usually happens because you build the page in default html, then add something (a stack) that needs php. This causes an index.php to be created.

RW does not remove any files from your server, and you end up with two index files. You can check in your hosting file manager or an ftp app,

Most likely, you need to delete the index.html version.


Do you know where I can get a new foundation theme? Because the only one I have now that Blank is the one from theme Flood. And how I get this error is create a new document two stacks and then choose theme bitch is the black frame and that’s the only blank them I now have and then I put the side styles and then I just put a random header box and that’s the error I get. I have no idea on how to fix it. I don’t know where the other files are located. I’m afraid I will delete the existing project that I created. Do you know where I can get a new foundation Blank theme?

??? You need the Foundation theme from Joe Workman. Go to his site: it will be free to download.

You need THE Foundation theme from Joe. Nothing else will work with the Foundation stacks.


Thanks @swilliam and @Mathew

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I will try later when I get home. Thanks! Wish me luck!!!

Thanks! It worked! And Joe Workman, I really love the stacks that you sell! They have made my sites better!

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Was still happening. I think what it was is that I was using the same images in my main site (in another separate project and theme) and when I added the same images to the impact stack that was giving me the error. once I deleted the images and added ones that are not in my original site, that did the trick. Still worried that when I create a photo/art galley that i will have the same issue. Any Ideas on how to fix that?

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