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e-commerce question!
I need a solution for a catalogue of products. Visitor should be able to select products and create an e-mail listing all selected products. So more an order-system than a real shopping cart. Additionally it should be compatible with TCMS, so that my client can add new products by himself. How can this be done? Can I put some “add to cart” code into a blog form as a template, so that it is pre-populated with that cart button code when my client starts a post with a new product?

There are some ways to accomplish this. The solutions I have in mind would be something PHP for the “shopping cart” and perhaps the FormLoom Stack from Yabdab - I am sure others will work, I only use this, because I can add custom PHP to fields.

Roughly speaking:

  1. One button on each “product page” to add the product to the cart. The simplest way: store the data you need in the PHP session object (Title, description?)
  2. The check out page is simply a FormLoom page with the email designed. Add a (hidden) field to the form and use the “default value” to add some PHP to put the data from the cart (stored in the PHP session)

That could work.

Pretty sure there are some usefull stacks out there.

I am currently working on a set of stacks for database publishing via Airtable. But it’s still early stages. Here’s an example site:

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That sounds and even more looks veeery good! Do you think these will be available any time soon? I would definitely have to have the option for my client to administrate products (add, delete, change categories etc.) from his Total CMS admin page (without relying on RW).

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