Easiest Stack or method of generating fixed footer site map link list?

Looking to design the site link map style footer that fixes itself to the bottom of each page so no page ever rolls up halfway on a large monitor…

A simple footer such as this one with what appears to be 6 small efficient columns of links,even 4 could suffice.

example site: paxvapor.com

How may one accomplish such a feat using rapid weaver? A lot of themes have this set up already but those of us who like using the do it yourself stacks method have to find a stack for each solution and I can’t seem to locate something for this…

I’ve played with a number of things and it just seems to be a little cumbersome using multiple text boxes or I’m doing something wrong and I was thinking there must be a stack or method that the masters know about here!

a footer like this would be more than what I was looking for but this must be possible using foundation somehow. is there a template or is this easier then I am making it out to be? Is it part of the foundation theme?

very nice footer that is better than needed but would be great:

I did this in foundation. Made a partial and just added it to each page.


Hey thanks for the reply - That looks pretty good

any other suggestions anyone? I figured joe workman would have a stack for this… :wink:

If you download Sections by Big White Duck (free and Foundation-friendly) there’s a stack that comes with it called Sections Fix. So, you could have one section that encompasses your entire page, and then have a Sections Fix stack with your footer info inside it and tell it to fix it to the bottom of the section.

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Interesting I do have sections. . will go investigate right now…

You can also do this with Joe’s Target stack. At least the stick to the bottom of the page part of it.

I guess the hardest part (because I haven’t done it before), is getting a small list of links or some text with two different links in the same line. What stack is used for that? Getting the writing small, close and neat with links on multiple lines. basically what is needed for a normal footer.

What is everyone else doing?

Alright so if anyone wants to see what I have come up with so far it is at


the sections idea doesn’t work. Maybe it would if you designed your entire site around it but that isn’t practical…

We still don’t know how to stick the bottom of the page content to the bottom of the page? I would think this would be default or have an option of some kind. Sort of a common page attribute

Read @zeebe’s post above:

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You can put multiple links in the same line of styled text, just highlight what you want linked and click the link button… Once each for each word/phrase you want to link.


Using target just to have a footer stick to the bottom of the page seems like the wrong way to approach things.

What does joe workman or any of the other countless coders use to make pages with a normal footer bar with links. They aren’t using specialized code like target which is useful for sticking content in random spots on the page.

Structure has a footer option. Why doesn’t it come with stick footer to bottom of page box? :op

There is an easy way out there!

Perhaps out of scope for your project but for big footers @kurtfgx - I always like Bigfoot by @Marten_Claridge:


Easy way to create a big footer on pages.


Thank you.Big footer is exactly what i had in mind actually… (with some extras)
well played sir


Not sure why you think this…

well after purchasing so many stacks that have more advanced capability, it just seems like there should be an included way of doing this without paying an additional 9.95 for target

What you are asking to do, keep a stack pinned to the bottom of a page, does not happen very often. Target was meant for many other things as well, but it does what you want easily and nicely. Plus, for $9.95, you will be able to do so much more!!

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Lets throw it on your tab :wink:

I use Houdini works a charm