Getting confused with sitemap plus

Hi all, I wonder if you can help. I’m getting confused with sitemap. Usually although I do have a sitemap plus page on my sites, it is always a page not actively shown in the menu and it’s never been an issue. Since learning Foundation however I’d quite like to have the sitemap tree showing at the bottom of my pages so I’m trying to get it to work.

What I don’t understand is this. There is an option to ‘insert sitemap in footer of all pages’. So do I need to drag on a Foundation ‘footer’ stack in order for this to work? If that’s the case I can’t then also use a footer stack to do the usual copyright details can I?

Or am I using the footer stack and sitemap page together in the wrong way?

Any help appreciated.

Hello @Gabrielle,

by activating the Sitemap-in-Footer-Option the Plugin generates a code-segment and automatically places it within the Footer input-field in the general settings. This will display exactly the same sitemap the plugin’s page would do.
It will not override any content you placed in your footer before, but it could look strange.
(When I want to have a sitemap in the footer, I’m using the custom columns option of s+, works very well.)
To have it on your site, you could just use the footer stack. But you also could cut the s+ -footer code out of the footer section and paste it into a html-stack. If you do so, you need to deactivate the auto-placement option in s+, as it will paste it in the footer again. Only problem with this solution: every time you change something ‘big’ on your site (creating or deleting a page, writing a new blogpost which shall be shown in the sitemap) you need to do the whole procedure again.

I’m sorry I don’t really get it. I’ll have a look to see if there are any sitemap+ video tutorials I can watch, thank you so much anyway.

Sitemap Plus is a plugin. To get it on a foundation page you would need to look at something like Pluskit. Foundation does not have a “footer” area, you usually build your footer in a partial and place it on every page. Not a “tree structure” you might want to look at Sacks4Sacks Lister Stack one of the content types Website Navigation Links, has a free demo.

Thanks for that Doug, I’ll take a look.

You could just add a text link to the sitemap page in a paragraph stack in the footer area.

I used the foundation “Inline Nav” stack to put links to pages weren’t necessary to have in the main top bar menu. I created a page called footer, then placed several pages as sub-pages of the footer page.

The footer page itself is blank, and just used as a folder for the “About”, “Privacy”, “Terms Of Service”, and “Sitemap” pages. Then set the inline nav stack to “Rapidweaver Menu” and “Sub Nav Only”. Sub Nav index is the number corresponding to the top level “parent” page. The Home page would be “1”, the next top level page, in this case, the "“footer” page is “2”, the “Courses” page would be “3” and so on.

This won’t give you the sitemap tree on each page, but it is another possibility. Hope that helps.

Thanks @SteveReel and @teefers, I think that I’ve sorted it now by using the built in sitemap plus option to utilise the Foundation ‘footer’ stack and it seems to work ok here:

And because the footer stack is now longer functioning as a traditional footer stack I’ve just put my copyright information into a regular stack.

Does this look ok code wise? Anything I should be concerned about? Thanks so much for your support on this.

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That was a good idea. I don’t have sitemap plus but now see they have that option to place in footer.

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