Need to transfer to a new iMac Help!

So I’m using Rapidweaver 6 on an old iMac 2013 model.
Things are running slow and I can’t no longer update the OS.
Usual question is how do I get my web project in RW6 to the new computer but also I want to have it on another computer with RW6 on as a back up.
I Googled the question but the instructions I found I could not find the sections on my computer like preferences, are they talking RW preferences or Mac OS preferences?
Either way I could not find ‘Add-ons’
Next question is with the new iMac do I need to download and install
RW classic 9?
Is this still going to work my add-ons or am I going to have to find updated add-ons?
I do have Time machine so is this a better option first to get RW6 on to my older backup computer and also to the new computer.
I’m afraid that I might loose all my website info that I’ve setup over the years.
Any advice is welcome.

Hi @wheeltappersdccsound,

Did you get this sorted?

If not we do weekly Office Hours sessions and could take a look.

Short answer though, RW6 most probably will not work on your new iMac, so yes you’d need a newer version of RapidWeaver (RapidWeaver Classic being our most current version).

Your add-ons might work on RapidWeaver Classic, but it really depends if they’ve been updated and are still being supported. We’d need to see what all add-ons you have to make any recommendations.

And then there’s the task of getting your RapidWeaver 6 project file into RapidWeaver Classic. You’d have to run it though RapidWeaver 7 (and maybe 8) to get it imported to RapidWeaver Classic. It’s a bit involved but doable.

Again feel free to join our Office Hours session if you have the time, we could walk you through any questions you might have or troubles you encounter.

Hi Dan,

It looks like I’m at the end of the line with this so I’ll stick with what I have.

The website is working OK at the moment and the only thing I could really do with is how to transfer my site to another older computer Mac that has another website on it with RW6.

I looked at some instructions (RW6) on how to transfer my site across but following the instructions there are things that I can’t find.

As an example it tells me to go to settings > addons but there are no addons in settings however there is an ‘Addons’ box but no ‘Reveal in finder’ button???

At that stage I’m lost.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not available tomorrow and the questions may be long winded to say the least.



@dan to the rescue :man_superhero:

Follow the first part of that post to reveal your addons folder for RapidWeaver 6. Then you can copy all the addons from that folder on your old Mac with RW6, and move them to the same folder on your other old Mac with RW6.

That should get your addons moved successfully. If you encounter any troubles let us know.

haha, well done me from 2018 :rofl:

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Hi Dan,
So getting there.
Found the ‘Reveal Addons Folder’ now by holding down the alt key.
So do I now copy that folder to a USB stick to transfer to my other computer?
If so how do I add the files into the other computer?
I’m away the next couple of days so will try your responce when I get back.
BTW its RW6 to RW6 so I’m guessing it was a reply to another user that you are using to help me?


Yes copying to a USB stick would work. That would probably be the easiest way.

You would plug the USB stick into your other Mac, do the trick in Dan’s post to show the addons folder for RW6, and then copy all your addons from your USB stick into that addons folder. Restart RW6 and your addons should show up.

Yes Dan’s post was how to move addons from RW6 to RW8. That’s why I said just follow the first part of the post on how to reveal the addons folder in RW6, and then copy them, to a USB stick as you suggested, in order to move them to your other Mac with RW6.

If you encounter any troubles with the above process let us know.

Just before I try this, the computer I’m transferring to has a RW6 website for something else on there so transferring these files over will it confuse the files for the other website so I’ll have two different websites on the same computer?

The files that you are transferring over as listed in the previous comments are any addons you have on your Old Mac 1 that aren’t on your old Mac 2. These addons would not interfere with your existing website on your old Mac 2.

Your project file, which is the file that you work with when building your website in RapidWeaver, is separate from your addons. It will not be transferred over from the instructions we’ve mentioned in the above comments. You will need to transfer your project file from your old Mac 1 over to your old Mac 2 separately.

Once your addons and your project file have been moved from your old Mac 1 over to your old Mac 2, then you can continue working on that website from your old Mac 2. It will not interfere with the existing project file (website) that you already have on your old Mac 2.

I’m not sure if I can explain better in text, if you’d like to schedule a one-on-one to go over any questions or doubts let me know.

Hi Dan,
I’ll let you know if I have any problems and thank you for being so patent with me as I’m not very computer savvy.
Thanks for helping me.

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This is why I sometimes prefer live sessions instead of text based communications. What can take hours/days trying to resolve via text can often be resolved in minutes via live session.

Not a problem, a pleasure to help out as always.

Hmm, excuse my ignorance but what is a live session?? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Sort of like talking on the horn, just over the computer instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

Like a text message?

Nope. Like a Zoom meeting.

Not sure what a Zoom meeting is either.
Zoom the audio recoding people?

A one-one would help if you tell me how to do that.
I’ve added a screen shot of both files and they look a bit different.
Do I just drop them in to the old Mac2?
Files to be transfered
2nd Old computer

Do you have the time right now?

From your screenshot, I’m not sure which row is from Old Mac 1 and which row is from Old Mac 2.

You’d only need to move anything in the “Snippets” and “Stacks” folders from your Old Mac 1 to your Old Mac 2. The rest of the stuff you don’t really need to transfer. So basically just move the “Snippets” and “Stacks” folders from Old Mac 1 to Old Mac 2.

The ‘Snippets’ are in the old Mac 2 and the folder is empty.
Every thing in ‘Stacks’ folder on old Mac 2 has the same as Mac 1 and a few extra so don’t need to transfer anything over from Mac 1 as far as I know?
Sorry just got your email so if you want to do one to one I can tomorrow so if you give me a time I can look out for you.
Not sure what I need to do or download anything for an one to one?

That seems right then, based on what you indicate you wouldn’t need to transfer anything over to the Old Mac 2.

At this point it looks like you just need to transfer over your project file from your Old Mac 1 to your Old Mac 2, and you should be fine to work on it. It would not interfere with your existing project file (website) that you mentioned you have on your Old Mac 2 already. It’s perfectly fine to have multiple project files on the same Mac, and you can work on them individually and independently from each other.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on.