Easiest way to provide a download area within a RW project

(Olaf Gerbig) #1

I am looking for a fairly easy way to have a download page within my project allowing to download .pdf’s and other formats.

I’d highly any help, as I am quite new to RW a detailed explanation would be best.

Many thanks in advance


(Christopher Watson) #2

RapidWeaver comes with a standard downloads plugin page.

Files can be added that generate a link for people to click to download. Some files however may open in browser depending on individual systems.

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

Realistically there are several ways to do this. One easy way is to zip whatever file/folder you want a person to download. All zipped files will be auto-downloaded. Upload to your server area. Then in RW create a link (several ways to do this) to the zipped file and you have auto-downloads set up.

You can use a standard downloads page, but you can just as easily do this in the friendly confine of Stacks with text or HTML or Markdown stacks.