Easy CMS advice please

Two problems I’m having

  1. First site www.thevintagebrush.co.uk ( on home page )
    Pictures do not save in the admin page ( yes i press the save button.) The little red cross shows below
    New Text saves and shows on content page.
    Is there a save button i must place to save images ?

  2. Second site , www.trymysite.co.uk
    This shows up on the Homepage “Unable to locate the cms file with the id Homepage.”
    The admin page is correct , I believe,
    There was an issue with domain name not matching the published name ( i think it was the www.on one and not in the project settings. )
    This is now done and the text changes in the Admin page do not show on content page
    Just double checked area names match etc.
    Any clues as to why this should cause problems ?
    Cheers all , stuck on this now


First question, do you have the most current version of EasyCMS?

Second, when you FTP into the site, are the folder’s being created as per the instructional video’s - where Joe goes over the folder structure on the server?

Third, what are your site settings for “relative to”?

Places to start anyway…


If you go to
and put in your URL
http://www.thevintagebrush.co.uk/index.php (it is VERY important to include the index.php), it looks like you are running a nginx server. I googled about PHP and nginx and it looks like it is not the easiest to configure PHP on nginx but it is possible. Be sure your host has it set up right and also has at least PHP 5.4, but we recommend 5.5 or higher (we do notice image issues with 5.4 on some setups). If possible, ask to run on a server running apache as it is perfect for PHP.

When I did the same for this page
again, no PHP version was set, but I noticed a WebYep mention on Web Sniffer, I would suggest you be sure to remove ALL WebYep code from that page. Also confirm the PHP version on that site as well.

Hi thx for asking
Yes I think its the latest as I’ve just bought it and did update the other day
Relative to Page
Im just checking the server

ok Ill do all i can , based on my knowledge base lol which may be a little lower than required !
Ill be back as they say.