Zeebe - can u take a look at my easy cms

Hi zeebe sorry to approach you here but i getting a lot of strangeness with Easy CMS .

1/ Admin pages won’t show top bar links on preview page but they did.

2/ The text edit boxes won’t take text styling - although the first one does which is admin 1.

3/ Admin Prices - Admin Offers are the offending pages.
Admin 1 - The home page responds to styling in the admin pages but the other two just show the ** hdjsahg** symbols with no effect.
Ive spent all afternoon on this now, and exhausted my options.

Look at the warning on top of the admin page, you can see it in this screenshot

Try following what that warning is telling you and see if that works

im not getting that warning in safari or chrome
I’ve had that before but got around it by adding a cname to the (records ?)
I thought this one had been done.
My team page shows this !

I do not get that here either, but look at the URL I am using
no www in it, if you go to
it happens, which means you have an issue.

i have added the cname is that not enough ?
I have no idea how to get around this with my level of knowledge, i thought the cname record had sorted it out because i never saw the warning again - i can’t be the only person who is stuck on this am i?

Ive changed the settings to http://www.trymysite.co.uk/ will that help ?
It won’t though because now it will work with www.trymysite.co.uk and not with trymysite.co.uk i guess ??


  1. There are too many links in the top bar to show, this is why the admin area topbar links do not show or are above or below the topbar area.

2 & 3
Would need to see your project file, send in a support ticket to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net and I will try to get to it today, but probably not until Monday

hi so is a 301 redirect the solution to the CMS www / non www issue.?
Ive read a few bits and pieces on it . Not sure how to proceed.
What are others doing ref this domain issue ?
Can you share a resolution , in reasonably easy terms :slight_smile:

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Yup according to this FAQ

a redirect will work perfectly.

yea i read that - perhaps a 301 redirect could be mentioned in it , and maybe a service that offers this , i believe there are several third parties that do . It would help to refine what is needed to be researched. I had no idea where to start or what questions to ask or even really what the problem was.
All i have to do now is work out how to do it .
Thanks for the reply

You can easily set this up in a .htaccess file as well. Joe has two weavercasts here
WeaverCast 20
WeaverCast 21
That talk about .htaccess files and redirects. Really a very good watch.

LOL easy is subjective !
Ok i have Text wrangler and I’ve got to

Simple redirect

Redirect 301 /
Also found the

and got to the photo shown
but then got lost
i want www.trymysite.co.uk to redirect to trymysite.co.uk
what is /oldpath.html and /olddir

or if i do my own htaccess file as shown what goes in after Redirect 301 /

is everyone doing this with their cms sites ?
My hosting company said they won’t help as its custom software and they dont support it.

I can leave it all as it is and just tell people just to use the domain.co.uk and not www.domain.co.uk when using the CMS
Im really happy with that , but as you said the fact I can’t style a few pages’ text, is because of this error i’m in a corner.

so i did this as instructed
and i lost my website to an error on both the www.name .co.uk and home.co.uk hahah so that went well.
I’ve since removed it ( the hosting supposrt told what to write after redirect 301 / www.trymysite.co.uk

then i tried this generator
put it in the root folder and … error
so threw that away too and that is the end of my redirect journey now .


Hi @leigh ,

Go to the project settings of rapidweaver and change the web address.
And republish all.

See attachment projectsettings.

Hi I don’t thinks as easy as that , it switches the issue from www. Name.co.uk to name.co.uk. It’s not actually an issue in itself but , see above , it’s apparently causing another problem with styling

That is the correct thing to do. Not sure if it will fix your styling issue, but when presented with a problem, if there is a warning like you have, fix that first

yes but surely everyone has this error code, I understand its the correct thing to do , its just that i dont really know how.
To be honest thats why i use Rapid weaver - this has taken up way too much of your time now, I’ll look at a different route on the site to sort the CMS.

thanks Leigh

Actually you are incorrect in your assumption, we do not get that many support tickets with this issue, so not everyone is having this issue.