Easy / Total CMS Images issue

Hi Guys,
Having an issue with the demo version of Total CMS. Have a support ticket in with JW but was hoping to get to this asap as I have a major build that needs to be completed this weekend.

I am adding a IMAGE instance on admin side and an IMAGE instance on the content side both with matching CMS ID of “banner”. When I publish and test it from the browser, I can drop an image and it gives me the green check mark saying it was uploaded - but nothing uploads to the server at all. I’ve tried all jpg files, large and small. Nothing seems to work. The server side shows all appropriate folders are there. Text is working and contains text.cms files as one would expect, but the images folder is empty.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

What might cause this? It’s got to be something simple that I’m missing, but I’m a bit fried from a week-ling binge of site builds.

Thanks in advance to any help.

Probably happening because you are using PHP 5.2.3 and the minimum required is 5.4, but we suggest you use PHP 5.6 as 5.4 is End of Life and 5.5 will be soon as well.

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You know what, I’m an idiot. That might be the reason. My main domain is on 5.6 but this one is still outdated. Let me do that first and I’ll come back if something still is happening.


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Problem solved. I hadn’t pushed 5.6 to a few domains on the server. Thanks for reminding me to double check my work. :slightly_smiling: