Easy CMS, Total CMS or Pulse? Which doesn't require you to build your own front end admin portal?

Hi there, I have a couple of websites requiring some simple editing areas. I don’t want to create an entire front end admin portal and am happy with a generic one supplied. I have used Pulse in the past and have used their supplied portal which was fine. However I also have TotalCMS although I found it really confusing to use in the past. So my questions are:

  1. With Pulse and with TotalCMS do you pay for each project you use them in, or are they both one time only fees?
  2. Do either options have a general prebuilt admin portal for the client to log into?

Thank you!

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Don’t know about Pulse I’m afraid, but you have to buy a copy of Total CMS for every domain you want to use it on.

Easy CMS is a simple one-off purchase and can be used on as many sites as you like. I think it’s really quite powerful and very good value for money. However, you do have to create a custom back end yourself for both this and Total CMS. Essentially you’re building extra pages which are used as the content management system.

If you think your clients may prefer on-page editing, then have a look at GoCMS from Yabdab. A one off fee and you can use it wherever you like. It’s got a nice blog feature too.


Pulse is one time only for unlimited projects and websites, and no need of building your own dashboard.


Thanks guys, I’ll go for the latest Pulse this time round and see if I can manage it.

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