Eblogger and RW

I’m in the process of trying to resurrect a 2012 site that used Rapidblog. I know there has been quite some mention here about the plugin not being supported anymore. I currently have “version 3.0.0” but every time I try to open my project I get the following:

I guess that is to be expected if it is not going to be supported any further. My question is this: I use “eblogger” and want to be able to insert those entries into RW8. Is there some plugin that will do the trick, or if not, what is the best way to be able to view eblogger entries on our site.

Thanking you
Sr. Sabina

I add, that the FormLoom2 and WeaverPix plugins aren’t a problem. I haven’t looked into whether they are currently supported or not, but the former is definitely not necessary in my case.

There is a stack for that!!!

Many thanks for that input. Your the second one to make my day. Think that I can manage that.

Again, thank you

Sr. Sabina

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