Payment system stack using PayPal

I need to add a Paypal payment system to our website. We have one product (annual membership) and one fixed price. I’d like to use a pop up window stack idea, that’s idiot proof and elegant. Any suggestions?


Yuzool’s checkout stack might work for you.

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I’ve used Pay from Yuzool and it was super easy. Unfortunately, I don’t see any way to get that stack on its own anymore.

Currently I’m using Yabdab’s PaySnap. Working great, easy to use, IMO.

Pay was combined with their Stripe checkout to create the new Checkout Stack. You can opt to use paypal and/or Stripe and it can be used for single payments or recurring subscriptions.

What about a PayPal express button?
That’s easy to generate from the PayPal vendor dashboard. If you have just one product…


Thanks Everyone. I’ve just realised there is a bit more to this. The product is annual membership of a camping organisation/club. 99% join through a campsite and the campsites handle the transaction in a variety of ways. 1% wish to purchase membership directly from the organisation/club. At present they send an email form within which they provide their Name and Email Address. We give them our bank account details and they pay straight into the account. Even though it’s a small number, we thought we’d automate the process. But what we need is means to get the Name and Email address - and payment all in one click. Payment goes into Paypal, we get an email to say John Doe has paid, we reply to his email address with his e-membership card. The reply from us with the e-card is manual. Any thoughts?

You could use Ecwid (there’s a new Ecwid plugin) and set-up different products (one for an annual membership, one for your fixed cost purchase). Ecwid lets you set differen payment options so you could have Paypal as an option and offline payments as an option. You’d collect their info at checkout and, if choosing the offline payment, outline those instructions (or have them as part of a confirmation email).

I think that’d work and would fit on the Ecwid free plan.

Thanks! I’ll have a look at this.

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