Ecwid and sitemap / clean URLs

I’ve nearly done implementing ecwid across my teacher resources website and I’m delighted with it. Customer support has been phenominal.

I’ve uploaded almost all my content
Embeded the ecwid store into a stacks page
Created a submenu with links to Categories
(The main menu links to pages that will soon be gone, so click the store submenu).
I don’t use Sidebar, its a stack column
Within ecwid I’ve filled in all the SEO content.

So far , so awesome.
Making the sitemap has thrown me.
ecwids App for sitemap allows me to generate a sitemap with clean URLs, which I’d to have on my site.
How do I create these clean URLs for the content I have?
I’ve just realised there is a RW plug in. Should I have used that?

Any thoughts or links most appreciated.

Thank you

I think what you’re asking about is maybe the redirects needed to “link” to the clean URL’s on the Ecwid store?
Not sure if that’s what you want because of the sitemap mentioned?

Anyway have a look at this article. It looks like some htaccess redirects to remove the hash stuff from the URL’s.

There’s a link to some examples on the page.

Here’s another post with links that might help

It old but I think it’s still current, I think Matt from Ecwid (@makfruit) can help you out as well.

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