Rapidweaver 7.5.7. Not uploading Ecwid store


So, I created an Ecwid store on Rapidweaver. When I uploaded it at first, it created a menu option on only one page and it pointed toward an existing page. So, I’ve been fiddling around with it and have managed to upload at least the menu item. however, when I click on “store”, it points to another existing page.

Preview mode shows the store all set up correctly.

But, clicking on the link to the store on my website still takes me to an existing page.


And thanks!

If you can give us the site URL someone may be able to help. Without it, we’d just be guessing.

Ah. Of course!


Sorry, I couldn’t find the Ecwid page using my phone… which link should I use to get to it?

Where is the store page? As Ricardo, I Could not find the page with the ecwid store.

I think it is shop for classes in the menu.

Yes, that’s correct. Shop for Classes in the menu.

Did you use the Ecwid Rapidweaver Plugin? The Axyn Ecwid Stacks or something else?
Unfortunately I’m not at my computer until tomorrow evening in order to better help you…

Yes, I used the ecwid RW plugin. In preview mode, it’s perfect. Everything is as it should be. But when I upload everything, it doesn’t show up. When you click on “shop for classes”, it shows up as my voice of god page. Every single time. I’ve removed the Voice of god page, removed the store, reinstalled and uploaded the store, etc etc. I’ve tried several different combos, but with the same result. It’s just weird!

This is happening in both RW 7 and 8. I opened up my site in RW 8 finally, but it didn’t help.

Also, the shop is in the menu except when you’re in the page it directs you to. Then it disappears until you click on another page. Then it shows up again.

Thank you!!

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