Hello are here Ecwid users, I need some experts

I am working on a new website RW and Ecwid.
The site gives a low response.
It seems Google can’t find a lot of items.
I dropped already the ecwid set xml list in google search.
have a look https://www.bedrijfsartikelen.shop/winkel/page71.htm
Is there somebody who is able to help me for RW in combination with Ecwid?

  1. The RW pages are downloading slow
  2. The Ecwid shop page does a high speed.
    But the Ecwid store does have a very low response.
    Does anybody know what to do?
    Thanks for answering

Greetings Tony

Hello Tony,
This is Vicky from Ecwid Customer Care team team. Thank you for your message.

Our team has replied to your message via email, please, check inbox. We’ve asked you some additional questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hopefully this post will be updated with what the problem and what the resolve was. It will probably be helpful to other RW users.

Thank you in advance…

No issues for me currently but want to use this for a site in the future.