Edit Mode - Random Pages no longer responsive

Since upgrading to 8.4, I’m having a real problem with random pages becoming ‘non-responsive’ in Edit Mode.

The content on these pages goes off-page to the right and becomes partly inaccessible. A few points:

  • I can’t pin down any specific actions leading to this happening
  • Not all pages are affected
  • Duplicating the page and deleting the old one solves the problem
  • All pages affected have been Stacks in Foundtion
    Doesn’t appear to cause an issue with published site or in Preview mode.

Any ideas?

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Likewise - and similarly can’t identify the actions that cause it to happen. One further observation - closing and reopening Rapidweaver seems to make the offending page behave again. I haven’t had to duplicate and delete as you have.



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Yes - this morning’s episode was solved with a reboot of RW (not just the project). Last time it happened I think (but am not sure) that it didn’t solve the problem - however I my have only closed the project.

Out of interest, what macOS are you running? I’m still on High Sierra.

I’ve just moved to Mojave

Here’s an example

Exactly the same. couple of other things:

  • I have been having at least one RW crash every day.
  • Have noticed a couple of times that, when going from one page to another in Edit mode, the Loading Stacks dialogue flashes - as when you first load RW.

In case it’s of interest, tagging @dan

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I’m sure both of you are using stacks pages. Stacks 4?

yes - all up to date

Same here - Stacks 4 - all up to date

I’ve seen what you guys are talking about. A restart of RapidWeaver cleared it.

I’m wondering if it’s a stacks issue. @isaiah ?

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